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In a broad sense, Description, as described by Kane Description is about sensory experience -how something lookssoundstastes. Mostly it is about the visual experiencebut description also deals with other kinds of perception.

So, to conclude from the above explanation Kane, writing meaningful descriptive text that describes the experiences related to the sensessuch as what form, sound, taste. Most descriptive text is about the visual experiencebut in fact apart from sensory experience penglihatanpun can be used in descriptive text. But specifically, descriptive text is” is a text roomates says what a person or a thing is like.

Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing. The goal is a portrait or disclose a person, place or thing specified. So, it can be said that this text is descriptive text that describes what kind of person or an object described, good shape, its properties, numbers and others. Objective purpose of any clear descriptive text, ie to explain, describe or express a person or an object. When we write descriptive textwe must know that it is the way we deliver our writing the description.

Therefore, an understanding of the adjective an adjective in English are required under our control. Besides adjective, some English structure that functions as an adjective too we must understand that we are writing a descriptive text do not look stiff. Example of Descriptive Text. There are many examples bioakustio descriptive text that is scattered in cyberspace. An easy way to get a sample of descriptive text within a website by looking at a website about us.

Why is that, because a bioakusrik is usually a description or picture of their existence in the virtual world. Example of Descriptive Text: Maklaah is not tall but not short, and she has curly hair and brown. Her eyes are like honey color and her skin color light brown color, and she has a beautiful smile.

Her weight lbs likes. She is a very kind person. She is very lovely, friendly, patient, and she loves to help people. I love my mom, Because she is a good example to me. She loves being in the Church, and she loves the sing and dance too. She is a very good childwife and mother. She always takes care bioaiustik her family. She likes her house to be clean and organized.

She a very organized personand all things in bioakuatik house are in the right place. She does not like messes. Bipakustik always has a mxkalah on her face. She is so sweet and lovely. I like when I am going to sleep or wake up I went or when I am going to go to some placesshe always give me a kiss, and when the family have a problem she always be with us to helps us and to give us all her love. Narrative Text is the text whose content is a story or a story about something.


The main function of this text is to a story or entertain the reader. Once upon a time there were 40 cruel thieves who put their stolen money and treasures in a cave.

A poor person, named Ali Baba saw them while they were doing that, so he heard the opening word. After they left, he went toward the cave and opened it.

Suddenly he found a very large quantity of money and golden treasures.

He took some of it and went back home. After that he became a rich man and his brother wanted to know how he became rich. Ali Baba turned into maaklah richest man in his village. His evil brother was really jealous of him, and wanted to know how he could get such a lot of money.

Therefore, when Ali Baba went to the cave again to take bioskustik more money, his brother followed him. He saw everything, and decided to go back the next day to take some money for himself.

The next morning he found a lot of money in the cave, and he wanted to take all of them. Unfortunately, when he was busy carrying the money to his house, the thieves came.

layar vibrasi ppt – China LMZG Machinery

The boss of the thieves asked him how he knew about the cave. Some of the thieves hid in big jars, and the boss pretended that he was a merchant who wanted to sell the jars to Ali Baba.

Ali Baba who was a kind man invited the boss of the thief to have lunch together. After lunch they took a rest. Luckily, the house maid went out of the house, and found that there were boiakustik inside the jars. She finally boiled hot oil and poured it into the jars to kill all of them.

The boss of the thieves was caught, and put into prison. Ali Baba was saved from the danger, and he finally lived happily ever after with his maid who became his wife shortly after.

Definition of Report Text.

Report text is a text that gives information about an event or situation bikakustik, after the holding of investigation and deliberationor in other words to facts. Wellthis is what distinguishes the factual report text with descriptive text. Generic Structure Report Text Same is the case with other English language textreport text must also have generic structur. Yupsgeneric bikakustik text report is twofold, namely: A general statement that describes the subject of a report, description, and classification.

Tells what the phenomenon under discussion ; in terms of bioakusti, qualities, habits or behaviors ; intention on the part of the text of this report gives an overview of the phenomena that occur ; well its parts, its properties, habit, or behavior. The point is the elaboration of a scientific classification presented.


Objectives and Characteristics Report Text Surely there is a text report in writing its own purpose. Wellthe purpose of the text of the report is to convey information and analysis of bioqkustik results of systematic observations. Report the information described in the text are usually general in nature, be it natural or buata such as mammals, planets, rocks, plants, statecultural, transportation, and so forth.

Its social purpose is presenting information about something. While the characteristics of the text report is as follows.

Using general nouns, such as ‘ Reptiles in Comodo Hioakustik ‘etc. Uses relating verbs to describe the characteristics, such as reptiles are Scaly animals these characteristics apply to all reptilesand so on.

Using action verbs in behavior explains, for example lizards can not fly, and so on. Using the present tense to express a common, such as Komodo dragons usually weight more than kg, and so on. Example of Report Text: Well, the explanation of the text report we already know.

Certainly does not mzkalah if you have not seen an example of a text report that sediri. In order malalah help you better understand the text report, we have already provided 4 examples bioakustil report text that you see below. Birds are interesting flying animals. They are vertebrates and warm blooded animals. They belong to aves class and they can be found all over the world. Birds breath with their air pocket. Beside as respiration organ, air pocket also can enlarge makkalah reduce their weight when flying or swimming.

There are many kinds of birds. Earth bird has special characteristic. They have different morphology according to their food and their habitat. Some of them eat seeds, pollen, fish or meat. Bioakuztik are some species that live in land and the others live in water.

Land birds live on their nest. Female birds have specific tasks. Find a person who can hold your bike behind you and try to steady it as you pedal.

Also find a place to ride that is grassy or such.

Komunikasi hewan

But first lower the seat until you can sit on it and put both makalxh flat on the ground. Do this for minutes or so, until you have a good feel and some confidence about steering the bike. This is the more makxlah height for your seat. There are three definitions of ” public” about the procedure text: The purpose procedural text is to tell the reader how to do or make something.

The information is presented in a logical sequence of events which is broken up into small sequenced steps. These texts are usually written in the present tense.

The most common example of a procedural text is a recipe. Information is presented in a logical sequence of events.