Authors. Alasdair MacIntyre. University of Notre Dame. Follow. Abstract. This is the text of The Lindley Lecture for , given by Alasdair Maclntyre, a Scottish. Patriotism, on this view, is essential for living a morally good life. MacIntyre’s argument (in his Lindley Lecture, “Is Patriotism a Virtue?. 年12月10日 Liberal morality requires that “Patriotism need be regarded as nothing more than a perfectly proper devotion to one’s own nation which must.

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That has led political theorists to look for alternatives.

The universal of our humanity might also only be a function of a certain kind of being an animal, or being living, and so you would have to compare your commitments with humanity to your commitments with all of life this would consist in the Peter Singer argument.

Everyone, compatriot or not, has a claim to our respect and concern … but those who join with us in cooperative enterprises have a claim to special recognition.

It is rather a common enterprise that produces and distributes a wide range of benefits. This type of patriotism is extreme, but by no means extremely rare. How to cite this entry. Moreover, of the few well known philosophers cited, only one, J. Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database. The duty of special concern for the well-being of our country and compatriots, just like other duties, universal and special, is justified by the good consequences of its adoption.

To that extent, this type of patriotism is critical and rational.


If so, this type of patriotism would seem to involve the rejection of such basic moral notions as universal justice and common human solidarity.

There is yet another way of distinguishing patriotism and nationalism — one that is quite simple and begs no moral questions.

MacIntyre and the Morality of Patriotism

Part of what it is to be a citizen is to incur special obligations: It has no positive patriotidm significance. For Aristotle, what is good for human beings are certain end-states toward which we naturally tend.

The Lindley LectureLawrence: There is now a lively philosophical debate about the moral credentials of patriotism that shows no signs of abating. Machiavelli is famous or infamous for teaching princes that, human nature being what it is, if they propose to do their job well, they must be willing to break their promises, to deceive, dissemble, and use violence, sometimes in cruel ways and on a large scale, when political circumstances require such actions.

Conveniently enough, it usually turns out that we are patriots, while they are nationalists see Billig55— Now citizenship obviously has considerable instrumental value; but how is it valuable in itself? But however vietue, irrational, asinine, surely it qualifies as patriotism. The claim about the intrinsic value of our association might be thought a moot point. ,acintyre of Western Philosophy. Thus patriotism and nationalism are understood as the same type of set of beliefs and attitudes, and distinguished in terms of their objects, rather than the strength of those beliefs and attitudes, or as sentiment vs.

Special duties mediate our fundamental, universal duties and make possible firtue most effective discharge. And these attitudes can and do quite easily turn ugly and hateful and warlike.


It is not unbridled: If patriotism is neither a moral duty nor a supererogatory virtue, then all its moral pretensions have been deflated.

In the 19 th century, Russian novelist and thinker Leo Tolstoy found patriotism both stupid and immoral. If someone were to deny that she has a duty of special concern for the well-being of her country and compatriots, beyond what the laws of her country mandate and beyond the concern she has for humans and humanity, would she thereby cease to be a citizen in the sense involving equal standing?

MacIntyre and the Morality of Patriotism

Unless a new, more convincing case for patriotism can be made, we have no good reason to think that patriotism is a moral duty. And we cannot talk with confidence about the reasons a large and complex group or institution has for its actions.

But there are important benefits we have received from our country; the argument is that we are bound to show gratitude for them, and that the appropriate way to do so is to show special concern for the well-being of the country and compatriots. Weil, Simone,The Need for Rootstrans. This is bad faith.