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Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability: Kingdon, John corcoba, Agendas, alternatives and public policiesEstados Unidos: Mitigation has an established measurement; on the contrary, being aware of the benefits of adaption depends on social, economic and political contexts Broomell et al. The sample we considered is the digital press.

October 03, corroba Accepted: En incluso tuvieron buenas noticias. Broomell, Stephen et al. Veinte familias campesinas expulsadas por paramilitares en los noventa, fueron vueltas a desalojar a la fuerza por un vecino palmicultor. From the interface between communication and politics, this article intends to understand how mitigation and adaption to climate change are communicated in Chile, by means of a discourse analysis on four digital press media over News items that in their heading, subheading, first and second paragraph mention any of the following cordiba Methodological framework The qualitative content analysis allows computing and systematizing the information 3 cordkba order to generate objective inferences of the emergence and use of certain analysis objects on such processing.

Thus, we see a high degree of consensus between the visible actors with regard to the framing of economic opportunity and the absence of framings of critical ecology. Introduction 1 Climate change, a challenge for public policies The political will of democratic countries depends heavily on the list of priorities in the public agenda at any given moment; this is the reason why the power the media have in communication is fundamental, owing to their capacity to influence public opinion, a construct measureable by means of periodical opinion polls Kingdon, This way, the framings orient the perspective with which news are told, which produces narratives, which amplified in the public space by the media, contribute to the definition and constructions of visions of the world and lifestyles the individuals lead, with no disregard for the capacity of agency and interpretation they may have.


This article presents a discourse analysis of four digital media press in Chile with regard to mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

NCBI C Toolkit Cross Reference

By trimming reality, the news framings are instruments of power and social control, since the actors have a differential access in their design and communication processes. A common feature in Latin America is the heavy concentration of media ownership, with important consequences for the plurality of information that sustain democratic States, as these have the function of observing and controlling the exercise of power in democracies Sunkel and Geoffroy, By applying the selection criteria defined in the methodological framework, we obtained a corpus of 58 news items on climate change in Chile over the analyzed period, on which discourse analysis will be made.

Mitigation, in order to be effective, must me carried out at a global scale; conversely, adaption is more effective at the scale of a system impacted at local and regional level. Revista de Ciencias Socialesvol.

From this perspective, it is relevant to consider, additionally, entrepreneurs and power interest groups, which also vordoba capacity to set a media agenda. A separate mention is deserved by third-sector people and actors NGOs, foundations, among otherswhich are not considered in the news on mitigation in the studied media.

Or else, are we focusing on the adaption to or the mitigation of climate change?

Chile started their way to adaption heavily stressing knowledge development to deal with the present vulnerability, however at present it would be moving toward the resolution of current vulnerability problems. This produces a breach between the understanding of basic sciences and the Summaries for those responsible for the policies, 9 which at least require 17 years of study to be understood.

The actors with the most presence are politicians followed by scientist and experts, and international organisms. Ordinary scientists and citizens do not have the power themselves to influence the agenda setting, which the studied media deliver to politics, this way, there is need for a counterweight that levels the power to decide on actors other than politicians and entrepreneurs.


Framing climate change in Chile: discourse analysis in digital media

This adds to the low reading comprehension of Chilean adults, 6 the very low schooling level 7 and the poor consumption of literature in general, 8 this situation is also distinguished by Sterman The benefits of mitigation will be noticed in decades to come, owing to the prevalence of GG in the atmosphere; while those of adaption are more effective in the present, for they reduce vulnerability to climate variability.

Selection criteria The criteria 58805 sample selection are as follows: This work offers unpublished empirical evidence regarding the media framings to communicate climate change in Chile used by four digital press media with high readership levels and recognition by various actors of the country: When the news items systematically make people and communities invisible as regards their role before climate change, what is latently being spelt is disaster.

Su solicitud se hizo efectiva el 24 de junio del Fraser, Evan et al. Conclusion Chile, as a middle income country, lives tensions between its political-economic elites, which base their programs on economic growth with strong cordoa externalities for the environment, and citizen sectors that show disposition to look for alternative development options, albeit maybe expecting their leaders bring up such options in the debate.

And to the extent that climate change continues, the benefits of adaption will increase over time. Cuenta esta mujer que ha sufrido presiones para desalojar su tierra desde