This account of the conflict comes from Knytlinga Saga: The History of the Kings of Denmark, an anonymous chronicle that may have been. (The Saga of the Knýtlingar, i. e. descendents of Knútr). probably late s. Iceland. Old Norse. An Icelandic compilation about Danish kings. The author cannot. Knytlinga Saga has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Odense University Press (Denmark), pages, Hardcover.

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He asked the archbishop to support them if he wanted to retain his grip on their country: Then King Knut, son of King Valdimar, was formally anointed king at the suggestion of his father and with the approval of the people of Denmark. He was illegitimate and died ten years before his father Knytlinta Valdimar.

For ages were the English eaten up with hatred of the raven-feeders who foraged with their, fleet: He had a fleet, and had his ships portaged from Slette to Hollingsted in Friesland.

King Eirik was a man of intelligence, a fine scholar and fluent in many languages, an eloquent speaker with a remarkable memory, as Markus says:. Richeza was first married to Magnus the Strong and gave birth to Knut V.

The Old Norse World

However, they all fled, even those who had seen him, and though the king shouted to them to turn back no-one showed any sign of hearing him. The envoys said they wanted to have an honest talk, adding that they knyhlinga more trustworthy that him.

When it began to grow light and the Germans saw what the Wends were up to, they rode back and fought and routed them. At Ashington, you worked well in the shield-war, warrior-king; brown was knytllnga, flesh of bodies served to the blood-bird: East in Russia the virtuous adviser mnytlinga land-guardians lavish to their lord, hating meanness.

Magnus always had a large following with him and spent most of his time at the court of his father King Nikulas, but sometimes each of them stayed at his own place. Knut the Great — great warrior but a bit one dimensional.

Sags duke offered troops to go with them but the bishop said that was unnecessary. So he ordered the East Wends to go plundering in Denmark.

Soaked in blood that sprayed over the shield-wall.

This peace-meeting was held at Viborg. So that was how things stood: As knytlinba as King Knut reached England he marched inland, looting and killing, and burning down every settlement, as Ottar the Black says: Then they went to Bramnesburning everything around, where a certain Count Hyrning, a great fighting man, came to confront them with a strong force and do battle with them.


Knut’s Invasion of England in , according to the Knytlinga Saga » De Re Militari

King Knut led his whole force up to London and after setting up camp, made an onslaught upon the town, described in the poem composed by his own troops: The natives gathered together an army and went forward to fight the Danes, as Thord Kolbeinsson tells: In the next round of fighting King Valdimar led his troops to Wolgast and laid siege to the town, but the townsmen sued the King peace, surrendered themselves into his power and handed over hostages to him. The emperor thanked him for his words: Division of England The duke went with his army to Demminwhile King Valdimar raised a levy yet once more from every part of Denmark and pillaged through Wolgast and Fuznon so that the whole population fled.

In the words of Ottar: When the Rugeners learnt that King Valdimar had arrived in Gronsund with the intention of attacking them, they went to meet him and surrendered themselves yet again into his power, after which King Valdimar returned home.

He was the most popular of kings. Where are they know? Then he found himself in this forest, so dense that though he tried all night, he could discover no way out until daylight came. You were but a boy when you set homes ablaze: Knut and Emma 9. After this success, King Valdimar returned home to his kingdom. They rode singing through the settlements that day and showed no trace of fear.

For this reason he was renowned and popular throughout the Baltic and everyone of importance knew his name. According to some Svein Ulfsson fought beside King Magnus in that battle as their agreement still held. As soon as King Knut reached England he marched inland, looting and killing, and burning down every settlement, as Ottar the Black says:.

The whole English army was routed and a terrible slaughter followed, with the Danes pursuing the fleeing troops until nightfall, as Ottar the Black tells: These things took place nine years after the death of King Eirik the Wise and one year after the killing of King Knut Magnusson. Eventually, he led his troops west into England and plundered far and wide there, fighting many battles.


The waster of the Wends furnished well his splendid ships, sailed in summer from Russiaheaved them into the hollow wave, held out agains the storm, he, the bane of traitor, bold, beached his vessel in Denmark. He was born seven days after the death of his father the holy Lord Knut.

Kristoforus and his men were rather too keen to get on with the burning and when the Wends aboard those ships that had previously fled saw the flames, they began rowing at high speed hopping to take the Danes by surprise. When she arrived in Denmark, the duke welcomed her warmly ,as did everyone else, and kngtlinga their wedding knytlinva grand style.

That summer King Valdimar sailed once more to Wendland and the dragon-ship was damaged. King Magnus learned of knytlinba and in the following spring sailed for Denmark with a great army.

They came to Duke Heinrek, and he gave them a good welcome.

The Wends of Knýtlinga Saga

Then the king went to Strele to consult with his troops, and gave the title of king to his son Knut, who was then a year old, with the approval of Bishop Absalon and other leaders. Speed and sense are rare companions. Though they were not sure that this was true, they decided something would knyltinga to be done, and the plan they adopted was that Kristoforus, Bishop Absalon kyntlinga Asbjorn should set out in that direction and sail to Oeland, where they seized both goods and men.

After that, Burizlav and a duke in East Wendland called Kassamar came to meet King Knut and Archbishop Absalon asking for mercy, handing over hostages from all their territories, and giving the king fifteen hundred marks and the archbishop five hundred in order that the settlement the Wends had made earlier with King Valdimar should stand, even though the Wends themselves had knytlniga it.

Anglo-Saxon England suffered many attacks and invasions from Viking and Scandinavian rulers. You went forward, you defeated the fighter, elm-bows twanged, sharp were your swords when you assaulted the fortress: