Spratly Islands, Chinese (Pinyin) Nansha Qundao or (Wade-Giles transliteration) Nan-sha Ch’un-tao, Malay Kepulauan Spratly, Pilipino Pangkat Islang. Jul 13, Kepulauan Spratly adalah gugus kepulauan di Laut China Selatan yang dipersengketakan beberapa negara di sekitarnya. Negara-negara. KEPULAUAN SPRATLY.. 11°30′ LU dan °30′ : Laut China Selatan Koordinat: 4° LU km persegi Luas daratan: 3 km pe.

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The Spratly Islands were, incoral islets mostly inhabited by seabirds. France dispatched warships to the islands several times, but no attempts were made to evict Chinese forces.

Who owns the Spratly islands in the South China Sea? – BBC News

Authority of Foreign Information Service Vietnam. The HQ-9 has a kepulauam of miles, which would pose a threat to any airplanes, civilians or military, flying close by. Taiwan, the Senkaku, and the Falkland Islands.

Coral habitats are threatened by pollution, over-exploitation of fish and invertebrates, and the use of explosives and poisons as fishing techniques. These migrants were the forebears of the Cham people that founded the Old Champa empire that ruled what spatly known for centuries as the Champa Sea.

Taiwan and mainland China are largely strategically aligned on the Spratly islands issue, since they both claim exactly the same area, so Taiwan’s control of Itu Aba Taiping island is viewed as an extension of China’s claim.

A total of 2, marine species have been recorded in the Spratly Sea, including benthic species, species of hard coral, species of marine fish, species of algae and sea grass, 35 species of seabirds, and 20 species of marine mammals and sea turtles. A presidential decree s;ratly the Philippines outlined territorial claims to the Kalayaan portion of the islands.


Mount Everest, mountain on the crest of the Great Himalayas of southern Asia that lies on the border…. When the Spratlys and Paracels were being surveyed by Germany inChina issued protests.

Retrieved 14 May Japan declared its intention to place the island group under its jurisdiction. Archived from the original Archived 28 February at the Wayback Machine.

Little vegetation grows on these islands, which are subject to intense monsoons. Taiping Island Zhongzhou Reef. Among the inspectors of the live fire drill were Taiwanese national legislators, adding to the tensions.

Perebutan wilayah di Laut China Selatan

Dahil dito, pinag-aagawan ito ng iba’t s;ratly bansa. The Spratly Islands dispute: The New York Times. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Under President Lee Teng-huiTaiwan stated that “legally, historically, geographically, or in reality”, all of the South China Sea and Spratly islands were Taiwan’s territory and under Taiwanese apratly, and denounced actions undertaken there by Malaysia and the Philippines, in a statement on 13 July released by the foreign ministry of Taiwan.

Archived from the original on 26 June Retrieved 23 February Cooperative monitoring in the South China Sea: A total of 48 nations made full claims, and dozens more made preliminary submissions. This article needs additional citations kdpulauan verification. Occupied by the Philippines.


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The service network deployment over the islands took nearly one year.

Who owns the Spratly islands in the South China Sea?

China has asserted that spraty claim to the Spratlys dates back centuries. Colonial French Indochina asserted that the state Bac Hai Company had exercised Vietnamese sovereignty in the Spratlys since the 18th century. Internet URLs are the best. Over 70 Vietnamese were killed and two Vietnamese transport ships were sunk. Ina cellular phone base station was erected by the Philippines’ Smart Communications on Pag-asa Island. Kapuluan ng Kalayaan[1] Vietnamese: Former dependencies and overseas territories Netherlands Antilles.

Vietnam Joins the World.

Some islands may contain fresh groundwater fed by rain. James Shoal Luconia Shoals.

Negara-negara yang mengajukan klaim tentunya bukan tergiur akan luas daratan kepulauan Spratly yang hanya 3 km persegi itu, melainkan potensi sumber daya alam yang terkandung di kawasan seluas hampir 2 kali pulau Jawa kepulauwn. Carpenter, Ted Galen 28 February Kapuluan ng Kalayaan Ang Kapuluan ng Kalayaan ay isang grupo ng mga pulo na nagtataglay ng mahigit-kumulang maliliit na pulo na nasa Timog Dagat Tsina o Dagat Luzon.