I received a system that included the Kaleidescape M Disc Vault that retails for $5,, an M Player ($4,) and a 1U Server ($9,). Convenience like this is costly — alone the Kaleidescape M Disc Vault costs $6, Couple the M with a Blue-Ray server and the cost. Insert your Blu-ray discs and CDs and the M Disc Vault automatically copies them onto your Kaleidescape System. Protected DVDs are not.

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The new M Series components don’t have to be connected to the Internet to import discs, even Blu-rays. An imported Blu-ray movie will play if a component of the system matches the region code specified by the disc.

Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault With Integrated M-class Movie Player

This is likely one of the coolest features for the mega user who ka,eidescape program each of their multiple home theaters to have their own dedicated intro. It really is that easy! To retrieve one, simply navigate to the title using the mm700 display of any player, and select Eject Disc. While your Blu-Ray discs must remain in the vault to enable playback of your imported Blu-Ray movies, the options button allows you to easily manage imported disks directly from the front panel.

Performance When you have a system like this connected to your home theater you change how you use your system.

M700 Disc Vault

The M Disc Vault connects to your home network with an Ethernet cable, and any number of disc vaults can be added to a Kaleidescape System. My movies averaged about three seconds to playing the actual film.

You can also eject individual disks at any time. Browse your collection via our breathtaking and intuitive interface, or let yourself be inspired by movies presented by genre, director or actor.

M Disc Vault – How To Video |

Each device will identify other Kaleidescape components and network together automatically, and their cumulative storage is available to every player on the network. Loading discs was easy; with the M, you simply slide them in the drive and the carrousel does the rest.


Our location in Mississauga is able to assist you in creating a smart home automation system, distributed audio throughout your home and yard, or dedicated home theatre. The loaded disks will be copied automatically onto your Kaleidescape system and will begin to appear in the on-screen display.

Let me show you how easy it is. Kaleidescape even monitors hard drive performance and will notify you or your dealer of impending failures. To retrieve one, simply navigate to the title using the onscreen display of any player, and select Eject Disc. I found many to load in 30 to 45 minutes but it took almost two hours for the M to rip a few. It was great to watch the scenes and be reminded of the plot and many of the funnier scenes as well.

You can stream from a host of services that are billed as HD, though admittedly are only p. Scenes can be edited and pasted together to create a custom intro for your systems but this needs to be done through a web browser.

One of the main benefits of the M Disc Vault is how easy it is to copy movies and music onto your Kaleidescape system.

Kaleidescape M Disc Vault With Integrated M-class Movie Player | eBay

Imagine if you started a film in kalidescape bedroom it came up calm and mellow, while in the main theater you might start off with the X-wing fighters of Star Wars heading into your name and theater over whatever you want.

Discs in the vault remain organized and easy to find.

The Interface The Kaleidescape system is as easy as an iPod to work yet offers much more flexibility and performance. In this system, the hub is the 1U server that has four disc bays and can store up to Blu-rays or DVD videodiscs as well as CDs. The main way they moved forward to make their Blu-ray media server closed system legal was to actually include the disc in kaleiddescape player even if it’s kaleidescapd on a close-ended server.


Playback on the M Series system was impressive with near instant startup on playback. You chose whatever you want and select it no matter where you are in the home, which is insanely cool. It occupies one rack space, thus the name 1U.

Simply connect the Ethernet and power cables. Trutone’s carefully chosen product lines include surround sound receivers, loudspeakers, televisions, custom remote controls, audio video furniture, room acoustic controls, headphones, bluray players, projectors, and screens.

Unless the amber lights at the top and bottom of the slot are lit, you can insert another disk. Your satisfaction is guaranteed; if we can’t repair the product,we will replace it. The faster speed is a little slow for even the medium sized collection I had on this system and could get frustrating with much larger collections.

The M Disc Vault connects to your home network with an Ethernet cable and can be used with Kaleidescape Premiere systems. Should you want to remove a disc it is as simple as selecting the title. Kaleiidescape more than four decades Trutone Electronics has been proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area with the greatest asset any specialty audio video dealership possesses: If a Blu-ray disc is ejected, the system cannot play the movie until it is akleidescape.

Disagree with our product rating? Now I can watch any Blu-ray as if it were in a player in my room.

The M player is also a single rack space in height, The M Series systems are capable of streaming native Blu-ray content, kalfidescape audio and video, over your home network. When navigating the music interface you can select anything you like, song, albums, collections, etc.