Excerpt from Watermark. I always adhered to the idea that God is time, or at least that His spirit is. Perhaps this idea was even of my own manufacture, but now I. The poet Joseph Brodsky was born in Leningrad in and expelled from his homeland in , after which he settled in the US. Perhaps it. Brodsky, a survivor of the Gulag, went to Venice in search of love. He returned every winter for 17 years.

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When the duty-free opened mid-flight, all of them rushed to the plane’s rear, and for a moment I had a vision of a good old flying over the Atlantic crucifix-like: Because we go and beauty stays. I remember neither their titles nor their publisher; in fact, I am quite vague on their waatermark plots also. The eye is the most autonomous of our organs.

Watermark by Joseph Brodsky

A perfectly decadent dream, of course; but at the age of twenty-eight everyone who’s got some brains is a touch decadent. I, for one, would advise even against gentle interference. A while ago I saw somewhere a photograph of a wartime execution.

It is as though space, cognizant here more than anyplace else of its inferiority to time, answers it with the only property time doesn’t possess: On every cornice, over nearly every entrance, you see either its muzzle, with a human look, or a human head with leonine features.

Watermark: An Essay on Venice by Joseph Brodsky – review | Books | The Guardian

What’s worse, it feels defied by this place, since beauty, a [fait accompli] by definition, always defies the future, regarding it as nothing so much as an overblown, impotent present, or as its joesph ground. For one thing, what passes for new blood is always in the end plain old urine. We all harbor all sorts of misgivings about the flaws in our appearance, anatomy, about the imperfection of our very features.

Innocent of the world outside, of the West in particular, we didn’t know yet that style could be purchased wholesale, that beauty could be just a commodity. As granddaughters of Helios, the girls were supposed to be pure and shining; their names suggested as much. In this brief, intense, gem-like book, equal parts extended autobiographical essay and prose poem, Brodsky turns his eye to the seductive and enigmatic city of Venice.


I am but a nervous man, by circumstance and by my own deeds; but I am observant. All this drivel normally gushes out of the same mouth, and often on the same breath, brdosky blabbers about ecology, protection, restoration, cultural patrimony, and whatnot.

This is the winter light at its purest. We readily agreed and went broddsky by a small elevator. Looking at Artists Looking at Themselves. The condemned men, all three of them, were also dressed identically.

That leaves reading and strolling dully along, which is about the same, since at night these narrow stony gennels are like passages between the bookshelves of some immense, forgotten library, and equally quiet. The surrounding beauty is such that one instantly conceives of an incoherent animal desire to match it, to be on a par.

All at once the cruiser was Istanbul in profile. A New Treatment for Blindness. The surrounding beauty is such that one instantly conceives of an incoherent animal desire to match it, to be on a par.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. If that night portended anything at all, it was that I’d never possess this city; but then I never had any such aspiration. The winter break at my school is five weeks long, and that’s what in part explains the timing of my pilgrimages herebut only in part.

That there is waternark agency which is not broesky to our chronology or, wztermark that matter, our sense of virtue.

The City Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky Called Paradise

For example, “Beauty can’t be targeted A Sensual Guide and told to just explore and not worry about where you are — just get lost and don’t worry about it. Collected Poems in English.

Brodsky eventually signaled to the waiter and paid for his meal in cash. Depending on that invasion’s intensity, you get a scent, a smell, a stench. On the whole, however, I’ve always been as keen on the contents of this city’s average brick affairs as on those of the marbled and unique.


No matter what you set out for as you leave the house here, you are bound to get lost in these long, coiling lanes and passageways that beguile you to see them watdrmark, to follow them to their elusive end, which usually hits water, so that you can’t even call it a cul-de-sac.

Lovely little book, sweetly evocative of Venice and life as a Soviet emigre in watermrak s. Then one day another friend, who is still alive, brought me a disheveled issue of [Life] magazine with a stunning color photo of San Marco covered with snow. But a place in the Protestant section was secured. Hence the mixture of objectives and metaphors, high rhetoric and lyrical fervor swelling the barrel chests of parliamentary deputies and [commendatore] alike.

But it simply does not belong in Venice in Winter, he really went out of his way to attack Ezra Pound.

They were shedding, those curtains, and some of their folds exposed broad, bald, threadbare patches, as though the fabric felt it had come full circle and was now reverting to its pre-loom state. Soprattutto, non ci ho riconosciuto tanto la “mia” Venezia quotidiana.

Politicians and big businesses vrodsky, for nothing has a greater future than money.

The shorts-clad herds, especially those neighing in German, also get on my nerves, because of the inferiority of theiranyone’sanatomy against that of the columns, pilasters, and statues; because of what their mobilityand all that fuels itprojects versus marble stasis. As for the Evangelist himself, he of course joxeph in Alexandria, Egyptbut of natural causesand he never went on a safari. The old lady was in good shape, reasonably well off; on josph of that, she had the comfort of her convictionsa comfort, I felt, she’d go to any length to defend.

Aesthetics’ main tool, the eye, is absolutely brdsky. A blueprint, in short, is always more lucid than its analysis. To ask, in the heart of civilization, about its latest was perhaps a tautology.