Page 1. Page 2. The HR Rondostat. Is an electronic radiator control. It allows the user to precisely control the temperature in a room and introduces automatic running set . Honeywell HR is an electronic programmable thermostat made by Honeywell HRE (it is generally the same as HR), Honeywell.

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But it is no possible share this pins for debug. Another solution would be a software-uart, but this would need much memory I think honeysell is possible to change pinconfiguration to use hw-uart gr-20e you have to do changes on the pcb so I think this gr-20e be a solution for only a few people.

If I read out temperature values, i get the reading Since I know how to program in. New Rev with graphs. The client will also try to receive a wake-up packet from the server, which is of same size. The parameter can be negative if you set the values with the wheel and turn it anti-clockwise. It is gateway between serial line and RFM It can be maintained remotely. Calculate the mathematical formula and use it. Has anyone already done this?

Version before this revision use constant PWM for open and another constant for close. I let every time such a write-command occured toggle a pin and looked at it with the osci, and their distances looked good.


What log do you want to get?

Valve position on log is what you want to have can’t be change live on motor movementsvalve position on LCD is calculated from absolute position and show live position. Yet, in the default-stroke mode, radiators stay cold after about three homeywell, even though the HR20E shows a higher target-temperature.

Please enter a number less than or equal to 8. Back to home page.

But what’s the “C” button? This is for my valves. I have same pinout like HR20, it mean that we can use same programming cable and same serial level or serial USB convertor.

Otherwise it doesnt have any impact on security. Interestly, although in the rlndostat it gives 2ms, in the diagram on page 38, it is 0. Please use recomended compiler WinAVR or disable something on debug.

Sorry but I don’t have better documentation than text yr-20e in SVN now. This bug was fixed and I was not abble to see that you are use too old version before bugfix. And don’t have “cold valve” problem as is discoverd by you.

If you don’t have it already installed, you must obtain rondostag from MS. If no motion is detected, temperature wil go to normal value given by timer.

Rev is just proof of concept for bi-directional communication. Current communication protocol is simple and not support some “MESH” functionlity. If a slave hasnt a synced clock yet regardless if he knows that his clock isnt syncedhe doesnt know when the time Slot 00 occurs: Most probaly is that SW not count one pulse add one false pulse when motor stop and run back later.


Two bytes looks better, but if false feeling http: It works, but need some cleanups. At least for hours and seconds this was not a good idea. Is it possible to build and download the project on a linux platform? Strange, your log looks perfect. It is same wavelength.


Result after average have better precision than is measured overscan. According to the datasheet I think the extra overhead would be about us. Thanks for bug report! I think there are many better solutions, when we think a bit about it.

But I will make that available by direct setting in GUI. Just prototype on universal PCB and wires.


We need it to document “magic indexes” on setting Gxx and Sxxxx commands or watches Txx command Changelog: Does this make any sense? Karim, i just tried your latest version of openHR20suite, excelent!!! A nonce derived from a datetime and a packet counter is predicatable!