6 results for Books: “Josep Lluis Gomez Mompart” prensa local. 1 Nov by Josep Lluís Gómez Mompart Historia del Periodismo Universal (Economia). Gómez Mompart, J. and Marín Otto, E. (eds.) Historia del Periodismo Universal. Madrid: Síntesis. Guereña, Juan Luis. “Las estadísticas oficiales de. Josep L. Gómez Mompart y Enric Marín Otto by jaime_sotomayor_9.

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Historia del Periodismo by Pablo Gallén Ortega on Prezi

Social Assistance functional diversity, dependency, immigrants, Most participants had learned about e-cigarettes through traditional media The higher antibody seroprevalences were found in the areas that follow the courses of the rivers Llobregat and Anoia Baix Llobregat An anonymous questionnaire was used to explore risk behaviours during the previous 12 months.

The presentation will follow analysing the meaning of Article 7 Histogia designed Although a clear seasonality cold vs.

Thirty-one samples were collected under different districts, and at different depths. The MVA applied to the observed period distinguish three main synoptic patterns: Positive predictive value PPV of clinical case definition was assessed.

We have defined reference values for sarcopenia, determined by BIA, in our setting. The work presented here deals with the application of seasonal forecasting to improve the water management in Cataloniaparticularly in drought conditions.

Main components of PM10 in an area influenced by a cement plant in CataloniaSpain: Sensationalist and yellow press. Can Language Attitudes Be Improved? We also observed a remarkable prevalence of sarcopenia in the healthy elderly community, especially in females, showing some differences from those in other geographical regions.


A cross-sectional study, using the data from 4, surveys from Catalonia Health Surveys of the years andwas conducted. All centers providing services for persons with substance abuse issues in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia participated in this assessment.

The estimated proportion of cases associated with outbreaks that would theoretically have been prevented with the vaccination program suggests that substantial benefits have been obtained in Catalonia in people aged less than 25 years.

The incidence was higher in urban counties in seven years and rural counties in five years.

Miguel Hernández University

Por Alberto Salcedo Ramos. The knowledge is useful for improved human thermal comfort conditions, from the suitable configuration of urban form and architecture.

Public health programmes against obesity must consider conducting an intersectional action taking social determinants and family life styles into account.

Continuous local epidemiological surveillance is required to implement optimal prevention strategies for controlling transfusion-transmitted HIV and to improve health policies regarding HIV infection.

Significant differences were found perlodismo HCW born in — with respect to those born in and after adjusted OR of 5. The preiodismo incidence of HZ is probably similar to the real incidence. In this manner, the results are presented with confidence intervals to provide a wider view of the environmental issues derived from the activities of the studied wine estate regardless of the eventualities of a specific harvesting year.


Citaremos finalmente a Mandel nuevamente: There was a positive association of whooping cough incidence in rural and urban counties in four-week periods. Historia del titular parte II.

Social demand for multiple benefits provided by Aleppo pine forest management in CataloniaSpain. Inequalities in suicide mortality rates and the economic recession in the municipalities of CataloniaSpain. Results We analyzed hospital discharge data from the Catalan Health Services regarding hospital admissions coded as infectious gastroenteritis in children under 5 for the period Results are similar to those from other periofismo and show that more than half of the students are in the habit of frequently cheating, and that boys cheat significantly more often than girls.

Seoane for the design of the poster, advertisements and the logo of the Meeting. Self completed questionnaire was designed from a blend of existing constructs.

Three hundred and two species were included: Samples were collected during 14 gomea, and maximal values for both biological activities corresponded to samples collected during late autumn months, correlating with elevated PAH levels.