Al Hisnul Hasin is a compilation of the simplification of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) written by the well known Scholars of Hadith, Allamma ibn Al-Jazri (RA). Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Al-Hisn Al-Haseen: Complete Translation & Commentary By Muhammad Al-Jazri Translation & Commentary By Mufti Muhammad Aashiq Elahi English.

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Hadhrat Moulana Idris Mairathi R. Box, Crown Mines, R. The Significance of Dua 5 3.

The Virtues of Zikruttah or Remembrance of Allah 7 4. The Adaab of Dua or Invocation 12 5.

The Etiquette of Zikrullah 14 6. Opportune Moments in which Duas are Accepted 15 7.

Circumstances in which Duas are Accepted 16 8. Places wherein Duas are Accepted 17 9. Persons whose Duas are Accepted with Certainty 16 Ai-lsmul-A-zaw and its effect in the Acceptance of Duas 19 Duas to be Recited in the Morning and Evening 44 For Debts and Removing Grief and Sorrow 56 Special Dua foir the Evening 57 Special Hasinn for the Morning 57 Dua when the Sun Rises and all that haxin to Eenglish 60 Duas to be Recited During the Hsinul of the Day 60 Duas to be Recited on Awakening 73 Duas when Awakening 75 Duas when Awakening for Tahajjud 78 Duas when Performing Wudhu and after Completing it 78 Duas to be Recited when Awakening for Tahajjud 80 What to Recite when Beginning Tahajjud Salaah 82 hishul The Witr Salaah 83 Duas to be Recited in Witr 84 When Completing The Wit 85 The Hlsnul of Fajr 86 Proceeding for Fajr Salaah 87 When Entering the Masjid 89 What to do in the Masjid 91 When Leaving the Masjid 91 Duas to be Recited between Azaan and Iqaamah 95 Duas Before and After Commencing Salaah 96 Duas of Ruku’ 99 Duas when Rising up from Ruku 1 Duas to be Recited in Sajdah Duas to be Recited in Sajdah-Tilaawah Dua when Breaking Fast Etiquette and Duas Related tn Meals When Having Meals Ordinarily After Having Had Meals if Duas for Those who Serve the Food When Wearing a Garment When Wearing a New Garment When Seeing Someone with New Garments When Taking Off Clothes 71 istikhaarah Istikhaarah Du a for Marriage Dua on the First Night after the Wedding Dua when Buying an Animal for Riding Dua when Employing a Servant Dua when Copulating 81 Dua when Ejaculating Azaan, Tahneek, Dua and Aqeeqah when a Child is f5 orn Amulet Ta’weez for a New-Born When a Child Begins to Talk When Should a Child be made to Perform Salaah When Should a Child be made to Sleep Separately When a Child Becomes a Grown-up When Bidding Someone Engpish Duas to be Recited During the Course of the Journey Duas when Undertaking a Sea Voyage Summoning Help in an Emergency when on Journey When Reaching the Top of an Incline When a Town or City Comes into View When Entering the Town or City When Finding Accommodation When Travelling Alone Ha]] and Duas Related to Hajj Talbiyah when Donning the Ihraam Dua After Talbiyah Dua During Tawaaf Dua Between Hissnul and Marwah Proceeding Towards Arafah In the Plain of Arafah Wuqoof in Englksh Wuqoof at Mash’arilT laraam Muzdalifah Pelting the Jamaraat Udhiyyah or Qurbani in Mina When Entering the Ka’bah When Drinking the Water of Zam Zam Jihaad and Related Duas Englsh and Dua when Facing the Enemy When Nearing the Camp of the Enemy When the Enemy Poses a Threat When Surrounded by ihsnul Enemy When Wounded After Defeating the Enemy Dua to be Taught to a New Hisnu When Returning from Jihaad When the Muslim Troops Approach their Town When in Fear of a Person or Persons When Terrified of an Authority or Tyrant When in Fear of The Shaytaan, Jinn etc.


When Any Matter Becomes Difficult Repentance and the Dua Related to it Dua in Times of Drought and SalaatuMstisqaa Safety against Disaster when Rain is Imminent When Rain Begins to Fall Thunder and Lightning