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The square is a magnification guoa typical PAS-positive goblet cell. Results Cell type analysis in the duodenal mucosa. The figure include all the analysis of Trichinella spiralis infected and no-infected groups, that were subjected to sufficient sleep SSstress and sleep deprivation SD.

Glandular goblet cells in the duodenum. In no-infected groups, only SD condition showed a discrete buy significant increment of mast cells. Sleep deprivation induced by the modified multiple platform technique: Note that the infection blue continuous line induced a significant increase of villi uxm cells in SS condition, while in SD induced a significant decrease with respect to no-infected groups red discontinuous line. Three-dimensional structure of the rat intestinal wall mucosa and submucosa.

Thus, the observed effect are clearly due to the total suppression of Xbs sleep but the stress component of the technique and the participation of slow wave sleep loss remains to be elucidated.

Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis (UniRitter)

Enteroendocrine cells These cells were identified inside of villi and intestinal gland epithelium, confined to the vicinity of the basal lamina. Pharmacol Biochem Behav 2— Presumably, this could also explain the observed interaction between inflammation and eosinophilia in the injured gastric mucosa after SD.

In a previous guja by our group, we evaluated whether sleep deprivation causes the dysregulation of immune cns during an immune response against the helminth parasite T. UniRitter received the highest level of evaluation for university centers in vuia state of Rio Grande do Sul from both the Ministry of Education and Culture and Guia do Estudante. Discussion Sleep deprivation is a common occurrence in modern society 28 resulting from a variety aum factors such as social and physiological stress, and environmental insults, such as infections and pollutants C The differential effect of the infection in the number of goblet cells in SS, stress, and SD conditions observed in infected group blue continuous linecompared with no-infected red discontinuous line groups.


A Representative photomicrographs of enteroendocrine cells in glands in the first portion of duodenum of the diiferent treatments, sleep sufficient SSstress, and sleep deprivation SD in no-infected upper pannel and infected lower pannel groups.

As it has been reported 36there is a total loss of REM sleep during the four days of deprivation, as well as a significant decrease of REM sleep in the large platform group. This procedure is based on the occurrence of muscle atonia during REM sleep. Physiological changes in the gastrointestinal tract and host protective immunity: As for the analysis realized in the intestinal mucous membrane, we demonstrated that the conditions of deprivation of sleep SD and stress have a distinguishing modulating effect, which depends on the cellular type and on its location.

UniRitter offers undergraduate and graduate programs in: The square is a magnification of eosinophils arrow located in the cbss propria. In infected groups, SS, stress, and SD conditions was a not difference in eosinophils number.

Science— These morphological characteristics facilitated the identification and analysis of mast cells in the lamina propria. C The differential effect of the infection in the number of periglandular eosinophils in SS, stress, and SD observed in the infected blue continuous linecompared with no-infected red discontinuous line groups. To view a copy of this license, visit http: A Representative photomicrographs of globet cells in villi in the first portion of duodenum for the different treatments of sleep sufficient SSstress, and sleep deprivation SD in no-infected upper pannel and infected lower pannel groups.

Immune alterations after selective rapid eye movement or total sleep deprivation in healthy male volunteers. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Glandular Enteroendocrine Cells Enteroendocrine cells could be identified inside the glands, cytoplasm facing towards the exterior, with a color and texture similar to the villi Fig.

SS solid barsstress shaded barsand SD open bars in no-infected and infected groups.

The infected groups did not show differences with respect to the number of periglandular mast cells among SS, stress and SD conditions. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Note that only SD condition increases the eosinophils number in no-infected groups. The animals were organized into six groups of 7 animals each; the experimental conditions were as follows:.

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Considering the complexity involved in the study of such interactions between the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, as well as their different response to the same stimuli, the present study is an effort in the analysis of the different conditions modifying these interactions.


Innate immunity modulation in the duodenal mucosa induced by REM sleep deprivation during infection with Trichinella spirallis. In tissue sections, the eosinophil bilobed nucleous was also observed, as in a blood smear, but depending of the cutting plane.

The sleep deprivation affect mast cells mainly, and the stress response is more heterogeneous.

Arrows indicate the increase or decrease in cell types located in intestinal villi or in intestinal glands. Enteroendocrine cells in the duodenal villi. Concerning the effect of T. This analysis incorporates a bidimensional graphical output that displays clouds of points representing the categorised variables.

In addition, using confocal endomicroscopy and scanning electron microscopy, it has been recently reported that REM sleep deprivation induce changes in the gastric mucosa showing the initial phases of the acute inflammatory response Association of short sleep duration with weight gain and obesity at 1-year follow-up: The microphotographs corresponding to the infected groups showed a homogeneous distribution of these cells interacting with eosinophils Fig.

Footnotes The authors declare no competing financial interests. UniRitter received three stars in the evaluation of QS Stars. Also contributed in the analysis of results and uamm the writting of the manuscript. Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology: Since the csb cells play a fundamental role between the immune system and the enteric nervous system during a severe infectious process, this cell population could be essential in the development of an immune response.

The histological anlyses were performed with hematoxylin- eosin staining to identify eosinophils, Giemsa stain for mucosal mast cells, ham acid Schiff procedure PAS for goblet cells, and Fontana-Masson method for enteroendocrine cells. A Representative photomicrographs of villi in the first portion of duodenum for the different treatments of sleep sufficient SSstress, and guiq deprivation SD in no-infected upper pannel and gula lower pannel groups.

The empty areas within the tissue were discarded using the software Image J.