GTD & EVERNOTE FOR MAC l SETUP GUIDE. TABLE OF CONTENTS. FOCUS OF THIS GUIDE. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM THIS GUIDE. 1 Focus of. I’ve seen lots of implementations of GTD on Evernote over the years, but This setup is also heavily reliant on tags, which I was already using. How do you organise your life? What stresses you out about how you work now? • How do you prioritise your work? • How do you remember information and.

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You file into each day folder whatever you need on that day. Be sure your notes all use a consistent date format, and be sure to correct any on items you’ve forwarded into Evernote via email, copied and pasted, or clipped from the web. Delegate any appropriate Project Even if you delegate a Fvernote to someone else, if you are accountable for the outcome, you still need a Project entry to track or follow up on that assignment. This exercise is the first step in gaining a sense of relaxed control over your workload.

If you want explicit rules regarding what you should and should not do to be productive, then GTD is right up your alley. Another way to manage tasks is to use one note per task.

Continue using the Individual Project template for this step, moving items from the Initial Project template to the Individual Project template section as you identify your desired outcomes. Continue using the Project List template for this step, moving items from the Brain Dump section to the Project List section as you clean them up. Add these four templates to your Evernote account so you can follow along with your own projects: Whether you follow GTD to a tee or merely borrow the parts that work for you, Evernote’s features can support your productivity approach.


Evernote Setup Guide for GTD (PC or Mac) (PDF Only) – Next Action Associates

Set the Inbox notebook to be your default when you create new notes. On the first of any month, all 31 day folders should be inside the appropriate month folder. A central tenet of GTD is that you should never feel the need to store gtdd in your head when you can write it down.

Some of the apps are straightforward in matching the language and methodology of GTD, while others, such as Evernote, are instead versatile solutions that let you customize your productivity approach. Second, if the content is in an ugide, you can forward the message into Evernote ; free Evernote members don’t get this option, although you can get around it by using Zapier to connect Evernote and email.

It also just so happens that the GTD approach can be implemented easily within Evernote. Use the Project List template for this step. Place it on the appropriate day on your calendar, and that will trigger all the necessary actions. Which processes in your work vuide life could be more efficient, streamlined, or purposeful? Evernote lets you create and save whatever type of notes you want, from audio memos to doodles to photos, with a wealth of tools to store, sort, and organize them.

But to give a concrete example, in GTD you might have tags for:. David Allen’s company, called The David Allen Company he really cuts to the chase when it comes to naming sells guive GTD guide for setting up Evernoteif you’d prefer the branded instructions. Add these four templates to your Evernote account so you can follow along with your own projects:. Look at your computer desktop, downloads folder, documents folder, bookmarks, emails, and open browser tabs. Note as Reading Material or Reference.


TheSecretWeapon is another resource that specifically explores using Evernote and GTD, and it specifically tackles email as well. Welcome to the era of information abundance, which has created in many of us a scarcity of attention. You can create this search once, save it, give it a name, and then drag the Saved Search into your Shortcuts section, right with the Shortcuts you’ve already made to Notebooks.

For example, let’s say you want to see only notes that are both in your Inbox and have a priority-high tag. For more on what it entails, see our overview of the GTD method.

Evernote Setup Guide for GTD (PC or Mac) (PDF Only)

How you choose to GTD is up to you. When you use the Evernote mobile app in particular, having the Guude as your default means you can create notes very quickly no matter where you are and not worry that they’ll disappear into whatever notebook you most recently used.

Tags let you categorize, sort, and filter notes. Notebooks are where you group similar notes.

Reminders in Evernote support both date and time fields, and the app sends a notification at the appropriate time. Name it so you can tame it. For tasks, you can manage them in a variety of ways, which are not mutually exclusive.