Editorial Reviews. Review. An Essay by Going Solo author Eric Klinenberg. As featured on There have been a lot of big. Going Solo by Eric Klinenberg Living Alone & Liking It!* by Lynn Shahan I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris Living Alone and Loving It by Barbara. With eye-opening statistics, original data, and vivid portraits of people who live alone, renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg upends conventional wisdom.

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TIMEJul 17 — Trying to engineer hot weather out of existence rather than adjust our culture of consumption for the age of climate change is one of our biggest environmental blind spots. They enjoy life and make use of many social and community resources to advance their happiness. Self-doubt for those who worry that going solo will leave them childless, or unhappy, or alone.

Certainly, the people we interviewed said that having a place of their own allowed them to decompress, and not everyone can do that. Reclusiveness for the poor and vulnerable.

Eric Klinenberg on Going Solo

One significant negative social trend is that many single men without college degrees are considered “unmarriageable,” with downward social and economic expectations. Klinenberg shows that most single dwellers—whether in their twenties or eighties—are deeply engaged in social and civic life.

Lines like that stopped the narrative flow, threw off entire passages, and were completely unnecessary, not to mention they read like bad depictions from fan fiction written klinennberg eleven-year-olds. We believe in self-reliance, but we also long for community. Klinenberg persuasively argue that affluent people who live alone are able to significantly develop themselves and contribute to society and civil life more.

The distinction is important and one that should be kept in mind while reading. The Economist Aug Since my husband is ten years younger than I am, it’s possible I won’t be living solo again – hopefully kpinenberg age difference sets us up to live about the same length of time. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.


Starred Review of Palaces for the People in Booklist. These beginning chapters klonenberg Going Solo are an excellent overview of the culture change in the wealthier countries of the world, and as I read through the pages, I became more and more excited. Science Age of Humans. And like some other reviewers, I found the introductory physical descriptions of everybody in the book a bit jarring.

Again, I think the research is not finalized because of the lack of information about people with disabilities. The Daily Mail Jan They live alone because, more often than not, they are too ashamed to go home to Wisconsin or Mexico — they worry about the welcome that awaits them. So when I finished, I started thinking about a next project that would continue the theme, and I got funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to do a bigger follow up study on living alone and gong isolation in American life.

Building against climate change can klienberg support vibrant neighborhood conditions or undermine them. Klinenberg renders [these] stories vividly but also with nuance. Palaces for the People: It’s not difficult to guess how it must have looked from the author’s point of view at that time; and goong his initial intention was far from advocating for this rising lifestyle.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my application for Swedish citizenship. Instead, Klinenberg shows singletons as he calls them who build vibrant social networks around themselves in pursuit of a goiing by themselves.

Going Solo by Eric Klinenberg | : Books

My only quibble is that Klinenberg focuses nearly all of his attention on people living in big cities, mostly New York. Going Solo is a really informative book on the challenges of living alone soll cities at various stages of life. The explanation provided for the This is my th review. Instead of showing the resilience of klinenbrrg above and the solutions to the expected problems that come with aging, this book wallows in the negative. Social isolation for the elderly and frail. Moreover, the stigma or prejudice upon those who live alone after divorce or break-up would not be the same with those who have never gone through it and don’t plan to do it anytime soon.


According to Klinenberg, some of the main reasons that living alone has become so popular in the United States and other highly developed countries is due to the wealth generated by economic development and social security developed by modern welfare. Wherever there is affluence, and a welfare state, people use their resources to get places of their own.

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone by Eric Klinenberg

He admits he focused on large cities, especially NYC, and spent little effort researching the rural and suburban environment for living alone. They do no This book reports sociological studies on people who live alone. To understand how this could have happened, the best thing to do was go backwards to find the source. It’s the “finding out who your true friends are and then replacing those who aren’t” principle.

Going Solo is not an easy read.

What’s happening around the world? Towards the end, the author begins to discuss new forms of housing that are designed for single people of various ages, which is interesting but doesn’t really go anywhere.