FVWM is an ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window .. it is also possible to manually set a size using the Geometry command. This chapter contains the manual pages for the FVWM Virtual Window With fvwm’s virtual desktop, windows which do not appear on the screen do not actually. Fvwm provides both a large virtual desktop and multiple disjoint desktops which can be used separately or together. The virtual desktop allows you to pretend.

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You may leave out the left or the. In addition to scrolling around the virtual desktop by binding the Scroll command to appropriate keys, PopupMoveResizeand any other command can be bound to keys. DefaultColorset [ num ] DefaultColorset sets the colorset used by the windows controlled manjal the DefaultColors command. RaiseLower Alternately raises and lowers a window.

MenuLeaveSubmenu returns to the prior menu.

See the –color-limit option to fvwm. Mouse button 1 on the window corners can resize, raise or lower a window. ReverseOrder also works in the expected manner. Now what to do if manjal encounter problems with colors? By using the Read command, it is easy to read in new configuration files as you go. The use of EdgeScroll 0 0 is strongly recommended for multi-screen displays.

FVWM – Man Page – fvwm

To leave either coordinate unchanged, ” keep ” can be specified in place of x or y. You can use any command after the keyword, but if the name of an item that is a submenu defined with AddToFunc fol- lows it, fvwm executes this command: Tear off bars must be added to the menu as any other item by assigning them the command TearMenuOff.


The above three commands are equivalent to a thickness of 2, 1 and 0. Some options are now negated by prefixing!

Further additions are support for client-side colormap installation see the ICCCM for details and manjal urgency hint. Note that if this problem occurs it is not an fvwm bug, it is a problem of the application. The number of title-bar buttons used depends on which ones have mouse actions bound to them.

If a panel can be hidden by clicking on a button the Working Area does not change as you can unhide the panel at any timebut the Dynamic Working Area is updated: One thing that again has been borrowed from MS-Windows is the idea of fvw, Desktop” — that is, making the root window visible.

Sticky windows are windows which transcend the virtual desktop by “Sticking to the screen’s glass”. manal

If the window is sticky the current desk number is used. A specific foreground color may be used by providing the color name as an argument to ActiveFore. The program rxvt will be started, with an assortment of options.

The fractions-to- move-list specifies how far the window should be offset at each successive fvwk as a fraction of the difference between the starting location and the ending location.

HDS @workStation System Administrator’s Guide

For example, the xwd program refuses to make screen shots when run from a complex function. WP2 — in part, anyway. So you can say Resize 80c 24c to make a terminal window just big enough for 80×24 characters.


If it is, then it greps the windowlist file for previous entries of the same class name. However, compliant applications such as a panel can ask to reserve space at the edge of the screen.

To create a tear off menu without opening the normal menu, add the option TearOffImmediately. The SendToModule command accepts some parameters — the first one is the module alias of the module we’re wishing to send the command to.

So, here’s my solution to it. If you want to use this option and if you do not use the default root cursor, you must set your root cur- sor with the CursorStyle command. By default, fvwm allocates reserves a color in its palette only if it needs this color. If your X Server is started with the -bs option, turn it off. The bitmap-file is either the full path name to a standard X11 bitmap file, or a file in the IconPath or PixmapPath.

Now what to do if you encounter problems with colors? Tear off menus behave somewhat differently than normal menus and windows. See man page of xdpyinfo for a list of supported visuals.