THE Babel und Bibel controversy has absorbed almost the c attention . Eine Replik auf Friedrich Delitzsch’s Babel und. Bibel. Von W. KNIESCHKE, Pfarrer in . Babel Und Bibel [Friedrich Delitzsch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Babel und Bibel (German Edition) [Friedrich Delitzsch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Arnold and David B. What was the direct impact of ideas of German nationalism affect- ing Delitzsch at a time when he spoke before Emperor Wilhelm II? JBLpp. That article contains many references relevant to this study as well. A brief biography of Friedrich Delitzsch — by F. Weissbach can be found in the RlA 2p. In RlA 2p.

Babel and Bible

However, in RlA 3pp. The article by E. Johns, Babel und Bibel New York: Johns, Babel und Bibel, p. The two examples cited deal with 1 the Near East, and 2 the Baltic States. This nibel the area of German Norton,published in Germany in under the Title Griff nach der Weltmacht. The first relates to a summer university in Riga: Turning now to the second question raised at the beginning of our essay, we ask: We would like to examine some of them and assess them as to their value in his day and their value to scholarship today.

Rather, what we mean is that in its time it was most useful and it played an important role as the field developed, in many cases, eventu- ally to be superseded.


Courland is the south- western part of Latvia and Livonia denotes the lands on the eastern coast of the Baltic north of Lithuania. We shall try to show that the studies in the purely Assyriological and purely biblical areas are the ones that have had the enduring value, whereas the comparative cultural studies in languages and in Biblical and Babylo- nian culture have not endured, or indeed in the latter case, have become discredited.

Friedrich Delitzsch – Wikipedia

Deutsche Verlags- Anstalt, A second revised edition appeared in Berlin seventeen years later, in Moreover, we failed to find it referenced in any other modern grammars of Akkadian, especially grammars of Akkadian in the English language. Pontifical Biblical Institute,p. Comparative Studies The second category consists of comparative studies such as the Hebrew language in its relationship with Akkadian and the Semitic Languages in relationship to the Indo-European Languages.

In other words, Delitzsch is not cited in the area of West Semitic lexicography. Daniels; Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns,p.

University of Chicago Press, ], Nos. The authors were able to locate these works among the books from the library of Julius and Hildegaard Lewy bequeathed to the library of Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati.

Die Lese- und Schreibfehler im alten Testament Berlin: Usually overlooked by both Assyriologists and biblical scholars is a small but valuable collection of scribal errors culled by Delitzsch from cuneiform texts that could serve as parallels to the kind of biblical scribal errors he was classifying in the main part of his book.


It is possible one might fail to notice this sort of comparison due to the obvious fact that the one language is written in cuneiform characters whereas the other is written in Hebrew letters. Nevertheless the comparison is illuminating. Delitzsch cited dittography of signs, omission of words and metathesis of signs and of words in close proximity in cuneiform writing.

But knd each case, it is clear that the original claim is false. For the accepted meaning of the personal name in which this pronoun occurs, note: Delitzsch, Die Lese- und Schreibfehler, pp. Hinrichs,p. In many ways their scientific work is parallel and both were towering figures in the international progress of the field of Assyriology. In this study, the authors have attempted to place an important and influential scholar in his context of a century ago.

Eisenbrauns,pp. Pries,pp.

Delitzsch in Context | Bill T. Arnold –

Brill,p. Clarendon Press,pp.

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