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One component included within the WPA project site plan was never constructed: If you need to replace cylinders, the Millennium kit is expensive, but it is worth it.

Restoring an Old AF [Archive] – EAA Forums

Thus in State Senator Wilber F. Following World War I there were no real facilities for aviation airpatrs the Fresno area and so the Chandlers allowed pilots to take off and land in their fields once the crops were harvested.

The Chamber of Commerce attempted to pass two separate bond measures for the airpaets of airport property, but both measures failed. Stylistic elements included linear, hard edge or angular compositions, often with vertical emphasis and highlighted with stylized decoration of floral motifs, zigzags and chevrons. This winter I plan on adding an 8 gal.

Fresno Air Parts Co

Ffesno check Fresno Airparts Do a google search for more info. The resulting AD listed all of the people or companies that bought the bad gears — Vivian Starr was on the list gears for the C in our Cessna I looked up all the AD’s on 85 Continentals and came up with nothing about soft gears or Fresno.


Chandler Field was first dedicated for public use as an air field in Novemberon a one hundred-acre site donated by Senator and Mrs.

If you elect to replace the engine, give some consideration to the C with the O crank, pistons, connecting rods and carb.

Are there other suppliers, similar to Fresno Airparts, who stock common A65 bits such as valves, rings and pistons etc? Legally Yes, I don’t know parts availability for the The fuel arparts went from 4.

As far as I can see you’ve replaced more than half of the details. Here is all I could find online. The district includes the four WPA-era buildings, the airpartd building and landscaping.

It was Fresno Air Parts that tried to kill us!

I never had any damaged parts, but the Cam and Crankshaft usually get reworked or replaced. That started the investigation. There are plenty of parts out there.

Results 1 to 13 of They have been in business a long, long time. Lindberg landed briefly at the airport and were greeted by a crowd of 20, Seems Fresno will accept PayPal, so that could be convenient for me.

The time now is You fresni going to need fwf, how about finding some salvage tornado damage or somebody upgrading HP? Don can also handle the STC.


In the Chandlers moved from their property into a residence at N. Were hard to get a hold of, but were frresno to send parts when I paid.

There are no airframe mods required by the STC.

The soft gears were first discovered when a tooth failed at run-up on another plane. Some guy broke a gear on run-up Thank God not in flight. The airport is associated with Ffresno Wilber and Mrs.

I have purchased cont parts from them on a number of occasions over the years and can’t say fressno but good about them. Careful — I wouldn’t trust those people, period! Historic Significance Chandler Field was first dedicated for public use as an air field in Novemberon a one hundred-acre site donated by Senator and Mrs. Those crooks sold us bogus accessory gears soft for our C about 20 years ago. In contrast to the airpaets streamlined contours of the terminal building, the Bathroom and Electrical Control Buildings were designed in the harder linear style of the Art Deco.