D-HCDL photoreal texture for the Icaro EC package. You Need ICARO EC EXT4 Package Original aircraft by Guenter Kraemer and Franz Haider. ICARO EC is a complete rework of Guenter Kraemers EC from FS We will use e.g. Franz HaiderĀ“s gauges (you know them from. EC P2 for FlightGear – a repository on GitHub. permission to use it under GNU GPL v2!* Original author: Franz Haider “Franz Haider” [email protected] .

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Maybe I will try the FSX update.

FS > Helicopters > Page 7

This device has the distinction of having been developed in Sounds are very good. Available with one repaint. Include functional entire Carmin system and radio.

This model is standing under heavily work progress so please accept that there are a lot of thing which might not working as you want. Automatic stationary with flying help from auto-pilot. Daviduk 21 Jul A Bell B by Alan Devins. I am very sorry for disrupting in this ugly manner David’s thread; my sincere apologies to everyone.

Something wrong with this page? Sikorsky Firehawk by Jordan Moore. On Mar 18,at 8: This is a complete rebuild of the ec with a much better exterior modell It is currently a work in progress, so a lots of things can be broken now, but it should be not worser to fly than in the last version.


I thought the helicopter belongs to Thomas, that’s all. The textures are in 32Bits quality. The EC light twin-engine helicopter is a versatile produced by Eurocopter. Airplanes Sceneries Helicopters Diverse. There are even unanswered comments pleading for FSX installation directions. The EC is a twin-engine aircraft and can carry up to nine passengers along with two crew, depending on customer configuration.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Normally I want to be really careful about hauling out accusations of intellectual property infringement because I know that all reputable sites are bound by the common rule of removing disputed content, meaning it is very easy and prudent for the author to police his own works and in the face of such organized management, it would be a mockery to think they needed my.

Model with the colors of Rikoooo old ones. Forums New posts Search forums. Bell by Manuel E.

FSX Civil Air Patrol EC-135

FSX native version also available. Very useful for work!

Ja, du darfst die Dateien weiterhin benutzen. And of course thanks to all them I forgot!


Avsim Helicopter Tutorial

Hovercontrol Bell by Manuel E. Thanks for the great photo documentation in HD which made it possible to create a photorealistic cockpit! Thanks guys especially Maik for your help and work!

Hauder Schulz Author Nasal: Im still looking for datas about the airfoils, and perfomance datas! Forums Developers coffee house General chat JavaScript is disabled.

Ich war nur sehr erstaunt, wie die Dateien da hingekommen sind. Develop faster and manage open source risks with the Tidelift Subscription. It is the first freeware BK with full animated VC and some phototextures, also, the sounds and light The Dolphin is a versatile medium helicopter designed by the French company Sud Aviation AS B2 higher gross weight version powered by one Arriel 1D1 engine over the B1 version with aerodynamic strake fitted to tail boom along the starboard side and angled engine exhaust duct for better yaw control.

This Texture is for the Icaro BK avalible here.