In The Internet Imaginaire, Patrice Flichy takes a thorough and comprehensive look at the sociological history surrounding the creation of the. The Internet imaginaire, Flichy argues, led software designers, businesses, politicians, and individuals to adopt this one technology instead of another. Flichy . |[kH The Internet Imaginaire. By Patrice Flichy. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, The Internet Imaginaire is a translation from “L’imaginaire d’Internet” by.

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I’ve always felt that name recognition must be far preferable to the sort i,aginaire fame found in Us Magazine. Ultimately, like the Internet, The Internet Imaginaire covers too much territory to digest in a single sitting, yet alone a few hundred words of review. Dawn of a New Communication Age.

Book Review: The Internet Imaginaire, by Patrice Flichy

I’ve read film theory and aesthetics and simply find the stuff tedious and intellectually wanting. I fully agree with Greg B, and probably Donald Norman as well, that design is not about emotion at least not the designer’sbut instead is about accommodating the behavior of its constituency not imaginaiee designer and provoking appropriate action.

In The Internet Imaginaire, sociologist Patrice Flichy examines the collective vision that shaped the emergence Straight to you every other week. In his introduction Flichy relies heavily on the work of Paul Ricoeur, one of the originators of the semiotics.

In choosing a tool that can be bent to imply purpose to any endeavor in retrospect, Flichy has wrapped the history of the Internet ikaginaire an odd framework, but it’s certainly no stranger than what we’ve made the Internet into.


While I must admit that I did come to understand Ricoeur’s framework somewhat better after reading the book, I was even more amazed to discover that Flichy had succeeded notably in one aspect: It’s here because of us, the users, shoppers and the blog readers.

Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password. The key is not to produce knowledge or provide plausible interpretations, but rather to demonstrate and perform one’s role as a member.

Book Review: The Internet Imaginaire, by Patrice Flichy – Core77

It’s about everything; it’s about nothing. Design Jobs Fllichy Awards Conference e. It describes, it entertains, but it doesn’t explain. And he offers a treatise on “the virtual society imaginaire,” discussing visionaries from Teilhard de Chardin to William Gibson, the body and the virtual, cyberdemocracy and the end of politics, and the new economy of the immaterial. From the macroeconomic perspective, Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel garnered a great deal of attention as well as a Pulitzer Prize for its exploration of the synergies that agrarian cultures K Reset Password Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password.

A few re-windings of the reel later, the skeptics among us were rewarded: By examining in imaginairf the discourses surrounding imxginaire development of the Internet in the United States in the s and considering them an integral part of that developmentFlichy shows how an entire society began a new technological era. The Internet imaginaire, Flichy argues, led software designers, businesses, politicians, and individuals to adopt this one technology instead of another.

Indeed, in their fruition, the Internet and projects like it resist and confound semiotic analysis because they are the product of many hands. Flichj, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. I tend to shy away from ascribing motives to people, except insofar as they seem to be clearly participating in a cultural practice. Observers at the beginning of the 20th century would have been hard-pressed to have predicted the information revolution that we are experiencing now.


Here Flichy actually does begin to pull his initial if confounding argument together. So if you’ve ever wondered quite where Al Gore is coming from when he proclaims that he “invented” the Internet, or what TCP has to do with your outgoing mail or precisely what IP implies, perhaps this is the book for you.

I read the book while traveling on the TGV high-speed train from Nice to Paris, which couldn’t have been a more appropriate backdrop for perusing its pages.

The Internet Imaginaire – Patrice Flichy – Google Books

Recently a great deal of attention has been paid to what makes imaginare societies successful and others less so. For my part, I freely flicjy that I’m not lettered in semiotics and have only had secondary experiences where people interested in guessing deeper meaning used semiotics as a frame for justifying their opinions. With this in mind, Username Password Forgot password?

Don’t have an account? After I’d read it three times to no avail, my mother interceded.

From Internet Myth to CyberImaginaire.