Epurbloc/VEnto P6 Eco Septic Tank super low profile septic tank. Anaerobic pre-treatment – 8 steps in the Epurbloc® septic tank. System 1 of PE = Epurbloc® + FD + CHAS + Compact • System 2 of . EPURBLOC® or settling tank “Performance” 3 stamped CE with detachable EPURBLOC® rectangular or cylindrical .. Ribbed rectangular Epurbloc®

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All additional building works, be they in weak-mix concrete, stabilized sand, or in concrete blocks, be they retaining walls or load bearing slabs, in the cases described below, they must be designed on a case-by-case basis in liaison with the builder.

It can be cut to adapt the chamber perfectly to the terrain It is designed to eliminate all risk of puncturing, deformation or collapse of the chambers Side backfilling with sand free from any pointy or cutting object and taking into account settling of the ground, All plantations above and at least 3 meters from the purification system are forbidden III.

Watertight collar for drained filter FD Outlet flow of pre-treated wastewater 2 elbow joints 45o diam. This matter floats to the surface, solidifies and forms the hat crust on the surface. The minimum allowed volume for an all water epurgloc tank is 3 litres.

The less turbulent household wastewater passes into the grease extractor where the separation of grease and floating matter is carried out. The surface of the bed is raked and consolidated such that the unit will not rest on any sharp objects or weak areas. The good working order of a Principal Pre-treatment Unit requires a minimum input in the order of 50 litres per day, per person. Cesspools Brands Klargester Clearwater. Outlet of infiltration trenches of a shallow drainfield. This wave effect water displacement of between 5 and 10 cm in the septic tank compresses fermentation gases between the ceiling of the septic tank and the hat layer of floating matter and dry grease.

Screw the cap onto the riser. It can be cut to perfectly adapt the box to the terrain, It is designed to suppress all risk of puncturing, deformation or collapse of the boxes.

Empty accumulated grease in the upper part, then the solid matter and sludge retained at the bottom at least once every six 6 months, and when necessary, without forgetting to clean the inlet IN and outlet OUT baffles with a water jet Afterwards, refill with water 30000 putting back into service 3. Organic matter contained in the domestic wastewater captured by fins on the beads where epkrbloc stick on contact.


To be done with either a lifting crane or a hoist with the help of 3000 following diagrams for a perfect, balanced hold. Geotextile anti-puncture option sold separately 9. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

It can be cut to adapt the chamber perfectly to the terrain. Hotels, school with canteen 3.

Additional civil responsibilities 2. This slot does not allow any gas evacuation. Shapes specially studied to allowing water channelling and optimal water efficiency, results from trails run by the Concrete Industry Centre of Studies and Research. The arrival of raw domestic wastewater into the septic tank causes a wave a rise of water in the septic tank. Additional civil responsibilities Legal Responsibilities Civil Contractual Non-contractual Punishment Redress Uninsurable Insurable Obligatory year insurance L code of insurances Not included among the insurance obligations: Outlet of infiltration bed a mound of infiltration drained or non-drained.

The connection of channelling should only be done after lateral backfilling has been completed.

For systems with several cisterns, water filling should be done simultaneously in the two cisterns. Semi-buried placement, finished with topsoil and reseeded with grass 50 Serial number — date of fabrication Guide to placement of underground and semi-buried F.

This book contains information concerning the description, the installation, the proper usage and the maintenance of our Principal and Secondary treatment Units and Accessories. The Epurbloc Septic Tank L The Epurbloc septic tank or as it is known in the UK as the super low profile septic tank is a unique type of tank thanks to its construction and functionality here are some of its main features: Always consult our User Manual A24 for: Compartment containing integrated 1.

We pride ourselves on delivering good customer service and quality products. It needs to have a succession of two 2 tube bends at 45 degrees installed. All plantations above the underground works are forbidden All rainwater directed through the units is forbidden. Illustrations 3D and diagrams: Delivered with reinforced cap for use in public areas.


The Epurbloc Septic Tank 3080L

Epurloc is designed so as to avoid all risks of the chamber being trampled, deformed or squashed The lateral backfill with sand should be free of all sharp or pointed objects and must take into account the settling of the ground. Public spaces, cafes, epurblox parks, public W. Final surface finish, cast iron cap EN Road markings completed. M deflector on the lower half and air vents on the top half, allowing decompression and venting of gas 3.

At the start of all works, there must be available the means to prove the existence of an insurance contract covering this responsibility.

Two Access Covers In side for monitoring and emptying Out side for monitoring and cleaning of the “Pre Filter” Hight adjustable covers with optional risers Horizontal and Vertical Reinforcement Ribs Reduce the amount of excavation debris Reduce the volume of infill Increase resistance Reduce excavation size Shallow installation depth.

Read this booklet carefully before any installation or fitment of our sewage disposal systems. A low pressure suction effect is essential for the extraction of fermentation gases, emptying them via the Higher ventilation pipes to the roof apex.

Independent unit not needing electrical energy.

Sotralentz EPURBLOC sewage set with drainage area

Pre-filtering is necessary after septic tanks with epugbloc greater than 10 litres. All plantings above this purification system are forbidden and must be at least three meters away. By continuing to browse the site, You are agree to use cookies. All plantations above underground works are forbidden All passage of rainwater into F. Treatment units and their accessories The primary treatment units, secondary treatment units and epurrbloc accessories must be transported, stocked and manhandled such 30000 they are protected from damage, notably physical damage likely to cause premature failure.

Dosing tanks SL-CHAS equipped with an alterable auto-flushing doser to regulate volume of the cistern, from to litres and with 2-way outlet. Cap must remain apparent and show from ground level, as current regulation laws demand.

Conformity These products conform to the: