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Those who are enriqhe by the coarseness of his speech and of his imagery suffer from the prejudices of the aristocrat and the academician. His drama was Pirandellian: And the same is true of the two literatures. Even his verses express his rationalist spirit: Jaime Lopez-Sanz has written: Vallejo is a creator; even if Los heraldos negros had been his only work, it still would have inaugurated a new epoch in our literary process. He did not abandon Pierola and his pseudo-democracy to associate himself with Gonzalez Prada but to hail Javier Prado y Ugarteche as the thinker of his generation.

The new ruling class would have expressed itself simultaneously in the work of its statesmen and in the words, style, and attitute of its poets, novelists, and critics.

He himself this in his poetry, which, although not lacking in literary and rhetorical admiration for the Incas, overflows with love for the heroes of the conquest and the magnates of the viceroyalty. His love is not egoistic: He would disdain the mediocrity who repeated his phrases.


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Castello sforzesc … o, History ‘Moro! In this essay More makes a conscientious effort to analyze the spirit of national literature. Because of the absolute hegemony of Lima, our literature has not been able to wnrique itself on indigenous soil.

This does not mean that I judge literature and art without reference to aesthetics, but that in the depths of my consciousness the aesthetic concept is so intimately linked to my political and religious ideas that, although it does not lose its identity, it cannot operate independently or differently. His preference for a tranquil, easy life prevented him from being an agitator; but, like Oscar Wilde, Valdelomar would have come to love socialism.

Any critic, any witness, has a responsibility that he must consciously or unconsciously discharge.

I understand why there has been no exact, clear, accurate definition of the art of Valdelomar. Eguren, as I have already said, cultivates the delicate and pale flower of symbolism on unreceptive soil. That it has no cuentox theme and is not a refined artistic creation is not altogether the fault of the author, but is also the result of the inchoate literature it represents.

This accounts for his lack of popularity; the masses only understand and follow men who are frank lkpez violent in their affirmation—with words, like Mirabeau, with deeds, like Napoleon. Of course, there are various shades within this overall color.

Cuentos andinos ( edition) | Open Library

Gonzalez Prada represents in particular the French influence. Valdelomar does not herald a new era in our literature because too many decadent influences acted on him.


He launched a delirious and lipez offensive against the military government of the period, but it never became more than a literary gesture. We also provide extended guidance on usage rights, references, copying or embedding. More is aware of Peruvian dualism.

The unity of European culture, maintained during the Middle Ages by Latin and by papal authority, was shattered by the nationalist movement, which individualized literature. Rafael Lopez Olea has written: Maiirtua, whose influence on the Socialist orientation of some of our intellectuals is almost unknown. But these are passing moods and temporary depressions.

What has the author Tony Lopez written

His message falls in the money box of the humble, helping them pay the installments on their houses. Sometimes his simple imagery has a pastoral ingenuousness that reveals his indigenous strain and autochthonous background.

Eguren, however, thanks to his exceptional influence, is a factor in the setting of trends. The new Peru was vague; only ucentos Inca empire and the colony were clearly defined, and he chose the colony. The work of Gamarra appears as a scattered collection of outlines and sketches.