Practice ABG Case Studies from 1. Mr. Frank is a 60 year-old with pneumonia. He is admitted with dyspnea, fever, and chills. View Test Prep – 6 steps to ABG analasis from NUR at Mcdowell of “6 Easy ‘ Steps to ABG Analysis” can be ordered by contacting: Ed4Nurses, Inc. _! (). W 2 6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis — Ed4Nurses, Inc. Normal Values (At sea level]: Range: WWWWW m mmHg MWMMWUW WWW“.

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6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis

Frank has an uncompensated respiratory acidosis with hypoxemia as a result of his pneumonia. This is due to inadequate ventilation and perfusion. The treatment goals for Mr. Frank would be to improve both ventilation and oxygenation. Ventilation may improve with the use of bronchodilators and pulmonary hygiene. Strauss has an uncompensated metabolic acidosis.

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This is due to excessive bicarbonate loss from her diarrhea. It is interesting to note that she has no compensation. Normally, the respiratory center compensates quickly for metabolic disorders. Strauss’ case she would have to hyperventilate in order to compensate. This may not be possible in her present condition, and should be evaluated further.

Treatment would consist of control of the diarrhea and bowel rest. It should not be necessary to administer bicarbonate in her present condition. Karl has a metabolic and respiratory acidosis with hypoxemia. The metabolic acidosis is caused by his sepsis.

The respiratory acidosis is secondary to respiratory failure. This presentation of sepsis and associated respiratory failure is consistent with ARDS. Treatment must be aggressive, because his acidosis is severe. His respiratory status needs to be stabilized, and would probably require mechanical ventilation.

If hypotension exists, aggressive fluid and vasopressor support would be warranted. This patient is at high risk for further complications and should e4nurses managed in an ICU.


Bicarbonate should not be administered until the underlying sepsis and respiratory failure is treated. Lauder has a fully-compensated respiratory acidosis with hypoxemia. This is her baseline and doesn’t require treatment. Steele has an uncompensated metabolic alkalosis.

This is due to vomiting that results in excessive ed4nurse of stomach acid. Treatment consists of fluids, anti-emetics, and management of her electrolyte disorders. As a result of ed4nhrses neurologic condition, Mr. Longo has chronic hyperventilation syndrom.

His blood gas shows a fully-compensated respiratory alkalosis.

This is a chronic and stable condition for him and probably requires no treatment. Casper has overmedicated himself with TUMS, effectively absorbing too much stomach acid.

His ABG shows avg partially-compensated metabolic alkalosis. Dobins has a severe metabolic and respiratory acidosis with hypoxemia. The metabolic component comes from her decreased perfusion, and the respiratory component comes from inadequate ventilation.

Treatment ed4nurwes consist of intubation, mechanical ventilation, blood pressure and circulatory support. Dobbins, has a metabolic and respiratory acidosis with hypoxemia. However, the cause is different. His respiratory acidosis is ed4nursrs the result of pneumonia also causing the fever. His pneumonia has altered his glucose metabolism, causing hyperglycemia and diabetic ketoacidosis.

Treatment should be three-pronged: Berth is being overventilated which caused a partially-compensated respiratory alkalosis. Treatment would consist of decreasing ventilatory support, or trying other modes of ventilation to decrease her minute volume. She will be difficult to wean from the ventilator in this condition due to the metabolic compensation.

Therefore attempts should be made to allow ag CO2 to increase back to normal before weaning can proceed. Hello Class ofWelcome to our blog community. This is our area to share information, resources, ask and answer questions.

You will have fellow students, past students, and many other ed4nursex available to you through this site. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and problem solve here. Check back frequently as we post sample questions ed4burses links to relevant sites.

We are on the same journey, let’s discover it together. De4nurses is a 60 year-old with pneumonia. He is admitted with dyspnea, fever, and chills.


His blood gas is below: What interventions would be appropriate for Mr. Strauss is a 24 year-old college student. She has a history of Crohn’s disease and is complaining a of a four day history of bloody-watery diarrhea. What interventions would be appropriate for Ms.

Karl is a 80 year-old nursing home resident admitted with urosepsis. Over the last two hours he has developed shortness of breath and is becoming confused. His ABG shows the following results: Lauder is a thin, elderly-looking 61 year-old COPD patient. She has an ABG done as part of her routine care in the pulmonary clinic. The results are as follows: What interventions would be appropriate for Mrs.

Steele is a ed4nurss year-old with intractable vomiting. Longo is a 18 year-old comatose, quadriplegic patient who has the following ABG done as part of a medical workup: Casper is a 55 year-old with GERD. He takes about 15 TUMS antacid ed4nursds a day. Dobins is found pulseless and not breathing this morning.

After a couple minutes of CPR she responds with a pulse and starts breathing on her own. A blood gas is obtained: Dobins, you find Mr. Simmons to be in respiratory distress.

He has a history of Type-I diabetes mellitus and is now febrile. Wow, what a bad day. Berth ed4nursws admitted for a drug overdose.

She is being mechanically ventilated and a blood gas is obtained to assess her for weaning. Posted by Jenifer Williams at 2: Newer Post Older Post Home. Stacie Dd4nurses Teresa Grace Teresa S Tony Ungoalarm amanda kay atica bookworm danO darlene edith eeastman86 franky glenen jaylyn kitty liana maricela monjev msassybear rebecca rena ripan sarah stacey stekle stud06 suzdown.