Link: · How to tell the original from the illegal copy of Dr. Berhanu Nega’s new book. Source: Kinijit. Yenetsanet Goh Siked (The Dawn of Freedom) authored by Dr. Birhanu Nega was published in May by MM publishers, Kampala, Uganda. Dr. Berhanu Nega, associate professor of Economics at Bucknell University and the Chairman of the Ethiopian oppo lg sition Movement, Ginbot.

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Berhanu We love you, look forward to reading it. Great mind will not sleep evenif they are in jail, Thank you one of our great leaders, We love you and you colleagues morethan anything. All you have special place in our hearts and minds. Keep making history one after the other. God bless you, Berhanu our black knight in shining armor.

What do you expect from “Berhanu Nega”? The light has risen and so has the spirit of Kinijit – his name itself says it all. This is the most perfect time for our hero’s book to come out. With the struggle and movement in Ethiopia being forced to take a back seat, this sure will ignite it back.

You keep giving us hope. I did not get the book yet. But his dedication and heroism is just enough for me to keep my hope alive.

Birhanu Nega is such a brilliant, talented and gallant fighter for the cause of Kinijit why Kinijit stripped him from the leadership post? If it is true, why Kinijit Int’l refused to publish the book? Woyane can not kill the undieing sprit of Kinijit’s leaaders and the determination for change of Ethiopian people. We pray and struggle for your and our other heroes of Kinijit unconditional release. You are everyone’s aspiration.

God bless Ethiopia and its people. Thank you Ethio-Zagol for the update. To the above anonymous, Because Dr. Berhanu Nega is not power hungery and doesn’t have an ego problem.

He rather do the job and get the young leaders to develop. Why you people ofcourse few in number want to divide the kinijit leaders by saying Kinijit Local [ home] and kinijit international? Is’t Ato Andargachew Tsege publisher of the book?

Ethiopia: Dr. Birhanu’s Book Published –

Is not he Andargachew, memeber of KI? Why don’t you want to speak out the truth atleast one day? Doyou know that the people is looking the day to day activities of the Ethiopian politics?

If you have some thing better to deliver for the Ethiopian people worrk on that we are intellegent enough to see what you are seeing. Some great works of reading have come out of prison in the world in the past, and berhau is great news to find Dr.


Birhanu join that effort to inform what took place. Despite his struggle with his health and worst prison conditions, to write a philosophical and political book on Democracy in Ethiopia shows the strength of his spirit and his persistence against the odds. Nega’s health heals, the day comes that he is out of prison, join his family and take a leadership role.

EZ Thank you for the good news and we look forward for the book review, and later the book. I can’t wait reading this wonderful man’s book. I am not a poltician ,but realy admire Dr. Where can I get the gerhanu Zagol for your unreserved effort to make us aware of what is going in our country.

Even if we live in Addis and visit our jailed leaders every weekend we never heard about the book. Still the unanswered question is how and where to get the book. Zagol please keep us informed on how and when we can get the book.

We are really really looking forward nrga reading it. I can’t wait to read Boo. It would be wise to realise the books every mega the same time so Dr.

Especially, Here in US and Europe there are lots of buyers. Now I am concerned that the contraband dialers could benefit from this not DR.

When you are an autocrat like Meles Zenawi you write 28 pages of letters to the editor: Nook who want to brew division and animosity among ppl pls get your sense back. Your attempt shows that you are the one berhxnu has ego problem. Oh, I am filled with anxiety right now, and am looking forward to reading the book soon. Birhanu is one of our greatest assets, the beacon of hope for democracy in our beloved motherland.

I feel there is absolutely nothing to disregard from whatever he utters. May GOD wrap him with the warmth of his love and blessings! EZ thank u for the breaking news,please infrom us from where we can get the book. Ethio-Zagol, Thanks for the great news. In the last couple days we are seeing hopefull signs that Kinijit is moving in the right direction. Kinijit Interantional Leadership is setting its house in order.

Some of the conflicts in the leadership are being solved. It is time to act in organized, coordinated and costructive way.

Kinijit NA support group should publish Dr. Brehanu’s book in US or Canda and make it availalbe on Amazon.

Booo there is very hight demand for the book some people will try to profit from publishing and selling the book illegally. This ain’t your run of the mill book it is a classic I am sure and neg be given to KNA or anyone willy nilly. No shortage of publishers, don’t worry! All those negaa heroes involved in this project are a part of history! Thank Et-zagol At the end of the tunnel, there is always a light. When the books ready for market, let us not only purchase the book but also make a reasonable contribution towards to Kinjet.


Thanks Etiho-Zagol, this really is good news. I believe the democratic forces both at home and abroad have finally managed to turn the corner. The last couple of months were really disappointing.

But hey, it is always dark before dawn. That means Birhanu is not in jail!

They put only his body in prison not his mind. Humans like him are extraordinary on my Ethiopian view for Ethiopian. Ethiopians, how many of us are even a little bit strong like him? We all of us should be proud of him.

Dear Ethiomedia, We want to buy the book. Please notify us as soon as possible that where we can find it. God Bless Ethiopian Heros’ Dr. Berhanu and Others who are in prison with him. Looking forward for response. Does Berhanu really think the Arbagugu massacre as ethnic clash? This increase my suspecion that the book is writen by a person who has been part of the transitional government when these crimes were committed.

Whoever wrote this book must be part of AFD who is peddling backward to please OLF by denying the massacre of thousands people. It is a kind of Arbagugu denial, like that of holocaust. Isn’t the same reason that provoked Prof. Birhanu, Bereft of everything, in the crowded prison cells of Kaliti you shine in the hearts and minds of 70 million Ethiopians.

I am thrilled by your courage, wisdom and commitment to give the Ethiopian people and the international community the true account of the democratic struggle waged in Ethiopia. You need to be saluted.

Ethiopia: Dr. Birhanu’s Book Published

The outline of your new book is fantastic. You have unmasked the truth between: What has struck me most is your dedication to democracy. I df sure the majority of us will be appreciative of your book.

Politics is the art of the possible, history is the bernanu of the impossible. You have never attempted the impossible and something that is historically relevant may not be politically correct.

In this situation one has beerhanu make choices. You chose not to be part of a shame parliament whose alternative is Kaliti. It is for people to judge if you are correct or not. The next generation will learn a lot from your account of events. I look forward to reading it.