Doc AN/ Manual of. Radiotelephony. Approved by the Secretary General ICAO phraseologies are contained in procedures found in Annex Doc AN Approved by the Secretary General and published of amendments is announced regularly in the ICAO Journal and in the. Doc – Manual of radiotelephony – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ICAO Regional Director, Middle East Office, Egyptian Civil Aviation Complex.

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Whilst a light aircraft was lined up for departure, a vehicle made an incorrect assumption about the nature of an ambiguously-phrased ATC TWR instruction and proceeded to enter the same runway. Failure to use standard phraseology can lead to misunderstanding, breakdown of the communication process and eventually to loss of separation.

If you wish to contribute or participate in the discussions about articles you are invited to join SKYbrary as a registered user. Retrieved from ” https: There was no actual risk of conflict since, although LVP were still in force after earlier fog, the TWR controller was able to see the vehicle incursion and therefore withhold the imminent take off clearance. Actual minimum separation was approximately 0.


Ambiguous or non-standard phraseology is a frequent causal or contributory factor in aircraft accidents and incidents. The period over which the changes should be introduced has been notified by ICAO as 99432 months commencing 10 Novemberi.

Of the many factors involved in the process of communication, phraseology is perhaps the most important, because it enables us to communicate quickly and effectively despite differences in language and reduces the opportunity for misunderstanding. The phraseology can be consulted in 94332 Reading” below. The subsequent Investigation noted that it was imperative ucao clearance read backs about which there is doubt are not made speculatively in the expectation that they will elicit confirmation or correction.

Air Ground Communication Operational Issues. Air Ground Communication Content source: Non-standard phraseology is sometimes adopted unilaterally by national or local air traffic icoa in an attempt to alleviate problems; however, standard phraseology minimises the potential for misunderstanding. The transition period will likely affect pilots making international IFR flights.


Also, controllers from ATC Units in States which have not begun using the new procedures themselves should be aware that pilots from other States which have done so are likely to use them.

Many national authorities also publish radiotelephony manuals which amplify ICAO provisions, and in some cases modify them to suit local conditions.