The company said it will continue support for its current Z8 Encore! The devices are designed to meet the needs of designers working on consumer and. Microcontroller (MCU) Develop- because our kit then serves as your complete Z8 Encore!® additional cost allowing you to begin your design immedi- ately. What would be better than designing a softcore to learn more about VHDL ( VHSIC hardware I ended up choosing a modern Z relative: the Zilog Z8 Encore!.

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I then used a divider-by This is where the actual magic happens. It is responsible for detecting any pending interrupts and prepares the CPU accordingly. In the Z8 Encore! The program memory area is organized so that the first addresses are dedicated to special purposes. That is a tough way to learn that you must always synchronize external signals prior to feeding them into complex logic!

The interrupt flag register IRQ0 samples interrupt inputs every rising edge of the system clock. Zilog offers a high-end, ICE in-circuit emulator kit, which includes package adapters and event trace functions. I began by learning the basics while exploring the classic Zilog Z Figure 1a.

Another important detail is that all instructions within the same column and group are the same size in bytes, thus can be decoded in the th decoder section. The eZ8 has a variable length instruction word instruction length varies from one byte up to five bytes ; some instructions are lengthy but run faster than others. It comprises usual instructions for basic operations such as addition, subtraction, logical operations, data manipulation instructions, shifting instructions, change-of-flow instructions, some bit instructions, bit testing and manipulation, 8×8 multiply, etc.

fncore My OCD design implements almost all commands available on the real hardware, except for those related to data memory debug commands 0x0C and 0x0D ; the read runtime counter 0x3 ; and the read program memory CRC 0x0E. Zilog offers full documentation and support online via data sheets, application notes, and flyers for various target-specific applications such as HVAC, large appliances, small appliances.


FPz8 includes 16, bytes of program memory implemented using synchronous block RAM which means program memory content is lost when the device is powered down.

As I said before, eZ8 has a vectored interrupt controller with programmable priority. The queue counter CNT is used to identify the number wkth bytes available for use reading in the queue. Fast forward through a career of programming that included authoring some books on microcontroller programming see Resourcesstarting a small design house ScTecand finishing a post-graduation program at CEFET-SC another Brazilian university necore in Florianopolis. Once fully compiled I used Quartus II v9.

Well, when I started to figure out how to do all the needed tasks saving context, vectoring, managing priorities, etc. That is why I ended up writing two units: Zilog’s DPLL digital phase lock loop control for motors runs as a timer-based interrupt service routine, and it does not require the motor to run open-loop at startup. I then included a cascaded latch to synchronize the signal to my internal clock and all the problems were gone!

Building Your Own Microcontroller

Processor Tracker – Real-time updates for select processors and development tools. Checking the timing analysis messages, I could see a warning that the maximum clock should be around 24 MHz. MC which eliminates the need for an external comparator. The Back EMF Sample Time Stamp is a patented applied function offering a configuration that hhe two existing microcontroller blocks together to add functionality to the microcontroller.

This was inwhen I had more contact with programmable logic and VHDL and my curiosity was peaked. This is where the decoder actually decodes the opcodes, prepares buses and internal supporting signals, and steps to other execution states. Free software upgrades are available. These microcontrollers are packed with tye very nice peripheral designiing, ranging from versatile bit timers to motor control timers, from multiple UARTs IrDA ready to USB devices, and much more visit www. After a lot of tests and some Googling, I figured out that it was possibly related to the asynchronous edges of the serial input signal.


The decoder design makes use of a large finite state machine FSM which desgining on each clock tick. One last comment regarding interrupts: Its value is used in the last part of this stage to increment the PC program counteradvance the queue read pointer, and decrement the number of available bytes in the queue.

Zilog Document Download

These multi-part series may be just what you need! A soft reset would make things go back to their proper operation, but that was intriguing me. I must say that debugging and refining the debugger code was the hardest part of this project; mostly because it interacts with all the other witu including buses, the decoder, and instruction queue.

Other key features include direct routing of the current sensing module to the PWM module, which enables a fast shutdown of the system during designimg over current fault. At first, I thought this section would not be so difficult because interrupts are no big deal, right?

I ended up choosing a modern Z relative: The instruction decoder reads opcodes from the instruction queue and translates them into corresponding operations.