Lead Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC), JEDEC MS, Narrow 74LS Truth Table. Note 2: BI/RBO is wire-AND logic serving as blanking. SN74LS47N. SN74LS47NSR. ACTIVE. SO. NS. Green (RoHS. & no Sb /Br). CU NIPDAU. LevelC-UNLIM. 0 to 74LS SNJAJ. ACTIVE. Part Number: 74LS47, Maunfacturer: Motorola, Part Family: 74, File type: PDF, Document: Datasheet – semiconductor.

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One thing I i quite strange is that everything seems to be connected to everything else, well almost – if I do a continuity test. I’m been playing with it for sometime and tried the net but couldnt find anything specific. Your 74ls90 is OK, but on the 74ls47, pins 3, 4, 5 should be tied high.

My problem is related to these components. MattAyers New Member Mar 21, Terkait 10 responses to this post.

74LS47 IC | 74LS47 Datasheet | Pin Diagram & Description

The relative positive-logic output levels, as well as conditions required at the auxiliary inputs, are shown in the truth tables. Mau tanya mas yg simbol X pada Tabelnya itu pengertiannya apa?


Ketiga input ekstra tersebut diaktifkan oleh suatu level rendah. Situs ini menggunakan cookie. Use a simply debouncing cct. Sedangkan jalur yang harus dihubungkan ke driver cukup banyak. Posted by Jonathan on Maret 23, at 7: Isikan data di bawah atau klik salah satu ikon untuk log in: The circuits accept 4-bit binary-coded-decimal BCD and, depending on the state of the auxiliary inputs, decodes this data to drive a 7-segment 774ls47 indicator.

Full text of “IC Datasheet: 74LS47”

I’m not very experienced with electronics, so would be great to hear any reasons as to where I might be iv wrong. Aplikasi decoder 74LS47 pada seven segmetDekoder 74LS47 untuk seven segmentmembuat driver seven segmentmerancang driver seven segement.

Salam, Argo Satrio Wicaksono Balas. Must have been the outputs Q0 and Dxtasheet to give the 7 segment display driver the value of 9!

Counter using 74LS90 and 74LS47

You are commenting using your WordPress. Update I got the circuit working, the problem why it was only displaying a 9 and a 0 was because 2 of the output 7ls47 were connecting underneath where i could see. Status update Hi, I haven’t made much progress on Multisim but have the circuit laid out on a pcb which kind of works but seems quite random! Posted September 14, by Fahmizal in Elektronika. To count with the circuit I’m simply connecting pin 14 of the ic 74ls90 to -ve which isn’t the best of methods so could be that.


I would try and build the circuit practicaly and see how it goes. Posted by citra on Mei 18, at 8: You must log in or register to reply here. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Surel wajib Alamat takkan pernah dipublikasikan.

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Posted by yuriz on Juli 5, at 5: Sebi Active Member Mar 21, Display patterns for BCD input counts above nine are unique symbols to authenticate input conditions. If I don’t get any response here I may make a new post so if datashest think you’re seeing double you probably are.

The circuit that you have been trying to build worked fine on the old electronics workbench but doesn’t seem to work on the new one!