Semantic Scholar extracted view of “CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool” by Gene Fliedner. CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool Gene Fliedner Decision and Information Sciences Department, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool Language: eng. Published: Emerald Subjects: Forecasting,Collaboration,Planning,Supply‚Äźchain management .

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McDonnell considers e-collaboration as internet- based collaboration which integrates people and processes giving flexibility to supply and service chains. E-business and supply chain management: This definition aptly includes the information flow for value addition instead of emphasizing the economic aspect only like previous definitions.

How e-business is transforming supply chain management. Four out of ten cited at least a 10 percent improvement in both response times and inventory turns. Several approaches are being investigated to enhance collaborative relationships by way of extranets among supply chain partners Joachim, KPMG Consulting conducted a poll of both retailers and manufacturers in concerning the frequency and the benefits derived from information exchange Chain Store Age, Gooley added flexibility as another reason for outsourcing based on his experience with European firms.

It is imperative to get the latest trend in consumer products to market zn otherwise, either tremendous lost revenues or markdown prices will be experienced. Practices, concerns and performance issues.

A third driving force is the longer, more complex supply chain given moves to offshore production. Supply chain collaboration alternatives: Some of these vendors are also emerging with an applications hosting business, whereby collaborative forecasting and planning setups for groups of users are offered. Evidence of this abounds in today’s markets when analysts cite lack emergint future earnings visibility and excessive inventory accumulations.


In order for this to be possible, emerging standards need widespread adoption as opposed to numerous, fragmented standards Verity, Experiences of organizations like Caterpillar, General motors, ICL, Philips and Rank Xerox have shown that focusing on fast, reliable delivery and responsiveness to changing customer needs is important to achieve integration of the supply chain Armistead and Mapes, It is felt that in future all organization will have to initiate inter enterprise relationship emsrging collaboration based management of planning processes and information sharing.

Supplj relationship of logistic to supply chain management: Measuring the performance of suppliers: In its short existence, CPFR has evolved considerably.

CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool

As a result demand forecasting and replenishment has become a vital issue for manufacturers, professionals and researchers. The most important components that foster fast and inexpensive customization are the integration among partners in the supply chain. Asian Journal of Industrial Engineering, 2: Forecast development may follow preexisting company procedures.

In the apparel industry, for cbain, the life cycle of some garments is six months or less.

CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool – Semantic Scholar

Anecdotal evidence emerigng noted percent increases in fill rates and half the number of out-of-stock occurrences Hill, Strategies to improve supplier performance. A case study in the retail industry. RFID technology is a wireless Automatic Identification and Data Capture AIDC technology which can increase the visibility of information at various layers of the supply chain, allowing members to gather precise information on real demand and improve replenishment process Fosso-Wamba et al.

Author emphasizes the various activities undertaken by the various trading partners involved in the supply chain and sets the performance indicators as the low cost of inventory and on time deliveries.


Session 5, Supply Chai One of the largest hurdles hindering collaboration is suupply lack of trust over complete information sharing between supply chain partners Hamilton, ; Stedman, b; Stein, The VICS Guide suggests that participating companies first formally commit to a program of demand forecast collaboration including an agreement on sponsors within each organisation and key metrics and develop a joint plan that establishes item management profiles, such as order minimums and multiples, lead times, reorder frequency and promotions for those stock-keeping units SKUs upon which they will collaborate Danese, This company seeks to balance the need to stock up on inventory for sudden demand surges against the fact that paperboard starts to break down after 90 days Stedman, b.

This figure increases to sjpply percent for retailers and 45 percent among wholesale executives Lewis, This relationship learning process is performed through the adaption of the strengths weights connected between neurons of each layer within ANN Huang et al.

A theoretical framework for radio frequency identification and supply chain management.

Collaborative planning processes in e-markets. Metters measures the impact of the bullwhip effect by comparing results obtained for highly variable and seasonal demand against the ease with low demand variable and seasonal demand against the case with low demand variability and seasonality.