Never connect the Coralife Cone Skimmer to any power source while hands are Place Round Diffuser Sponge into Sump. (). 4. Collection Cup. Assembly. Water NOTE: Initial operation of protein skimmer may produce excess bubbles . Hi, Does anyone know where I can download coralife super skimmer 65 manual? just bought a used CSS and doesn’t have the manual. The Coralife Super Skimmer includes a Needle-Wheel Water Pump. Patented Needle-Wheel System with aspirating venturi; User Manual (pdf file in new.

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I have created this page to make it easier for people to find fixes and mods for their Coralife Super Skimmers.

Coralife Super Skimmer 65 (WithPump)

It works great now. Along with tip 3, your output tube should extend into the sponge, but not below the water level in the center hole. Eventually you will not need the pail to catch the skimmate and the skimmer will work as designed.

The Coralife protein skimmers have in the past, generally had an easy process when it comes to cleaning. Send to friend Reviews. Skimmer help – Aquarium Forum. I had it do this when it was in the sump which is fine in the sump.

Your email address will not be published. Add to compare list. For falsely advertising their product as being a HOB unit, for their cheap and not working return box, I give this unit a poor 4 out of Thanks for the advice.

Hello, I have just installed this skimmer for the 65 gal. Find More Posts by Frank-n-Tank. Tried the sponge pad supplied with the skimmer suprr the diffuser sponge — that resulted in inconsistent bubble level in the riser tube. Anywho I wanted to start getting into coraljfe and reef tanks.

  LTW 5630 PDF

If you would like to read the review then here skikmer that thread. This is what I found: This pump is too strong when you have very high water level in your tank even if you open the valve completely it is not enough to drain the skimmer. I just wish they were a few inches taller in the activation chamber.

To make maters worse, the skimmer came to me without the adjustment valve that hooks up to the pump that is sosposed to be used to the break in period. Find More Posts by d Overview Protein skimmers have become a standard component in saltwater and reef aquarium filtration systems as they are very effective at removing dissolved organic compounds from aquarium water.

Find More Posts by Loverotties. Find More Posts by Allmost. It needs to brake in,or if you add chemicals can make it go crazy. I just purchased the coralife 65g protein skimmer and have read different ways to set up the skimmer. I was going for the hang on back installation. In the video, that water level is to high and should be lowered a few inches. As of this morning when I manuual for work I had no skim yet.

The new version does not have a valve between the cup and the pump. I never install the valve on any of the Coralife 65 skimmers the old ones that I have used or setup.

I have been reading and getting some pms from you CSS users about the splashing noise and microbubbles in the tank. Also wanted to make sure that what my skimmer is doing, is normal for the break in process and that I have everything hooked up and running correctly.

The white filter clogs up easily and causes to make the water siimmer in the bubble diffuser to overflow. You will need to ensure your excess flow is directed out of the tank.


For such a study well built unit, the easy-twist collection cup feels smooth and allows for very easy cleaning. Dry skimming will produce dark, foul smelling skimmate.

Coralife Skimmer Instruction Manual – Reef Central Online Community

Page 1 of 3. Most seasoned reef keepers would have owned or had some experience with Coralife products and should be familiar with the Coralife protein skimmers. Coralife is sending me a valve in the mail.

Conclusion The unit is not really built for a HOB application. My setup is in sump with the output going into my collection chamber.

I found that this was my problem when I setup my I have had it for several months and had the initial overflow problems, even with the red adjustment valve closed. I just wanted to make sure thats what a skimmer would look like while breaking in.

Also drilled out the auper holes on the silencer a little bigger so they could suck more air. If used as a HOT, try to maintain the water level in the main tank constant. Many new reefers, however, get confused with the huge range of different options.

Several people, including Anthony Calfo, suggest keeping the skimmer pump as close to the surface as possible. It does sound like the skimmer is not set up properly though.

I have moved the pictures to be hosted off my server since I cant direct link to RC Gallery pics. Make small adjustments to the red knob and wait and see how your adjustments affect skimmate production.