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The tunica albuginea fibrous septa emits into the body. Detail mapping of the Lokoja Formation consisting predominantly of sandstones exposed along Okene-Abuja highway near the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue in the southern Bida Basin was undertaken in an attempt to reconstruct their depositional history. Based on the municipal land registry, we surveyed a statistically representative stratified sample by location and plot size. Three m sediment cores collected by drilling commo 30 m water depth were analyzed for their color, magnetic susceptibility signal, grain size by laser diffraction, organic matter content by loss of ignition, carbonate content by calcimetry and mineralogy by X-ray diffraction on bulk powder and clay sedimentological and mineralogical features.

Indeed, most evidence reviewed in this paper suggests that the most widely distributed practices in the Pampas region are actually producing severe soil degradation.

This belt, though only poorly exposed in the localities of Valle Daza and Sierra de Curaa Vaca, stands out in the geophysical data aeromagnetics and gravity. This study is an attempt to racilla the geostatistical approach to the determination com ore-shoot directions, via an analysis of the spatial distribution of gold and uranium values, with the sedimentological approach, which is based on the direct measurement of geological features.

Full Text Available The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of different grazing pressures on the activity and diversity of soil bacteria. Areal changes of lentic water bodies within an agricultural basin of the Argentinean pampas. Full Text Available This article examines the characteristics of cattle raiding in La Pampa during the first decades of the 20th century.


Therefore, the relative fracture intensity and spacing of natural fractures within Wajid Group in the subsurface can be predicted by using the lithofacies and their depositional environments. The geochemical studies indicate an enriched MORB and back-arc signature.

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The formulation developed is a promising tool for skin care and could prevent the damage caused by oxidative stress. Results suggest three different institutional trajectories amongst street youth that lead to different processes of citizenship formation. Despite recent events, 3 sitting Heads of State, 25 ministers, around 3, delegates from 99 countries and numerous company managers took part in the congress. In both fractions, elemental and gravimetric mass concentrations were compared with historical data.

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Los cambios en los procedimientos para relevar la pampa anterior Geochemical analyses and sedimentology have been carried out on several core samples of the Saulcy drill hole to evaluate local palaeoenvironmental variability.

Only two of these sandstones are mineralised. Microscopical observations of petrographic slides allowed identifying six main sedimentary facies.

To test this hypothesis, we assessed the soil bacterial communities from four land-uses within the same soil type by pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA gene and by soil microbial activity analyzes.

The same has consisted of a volcano-sedimentary sequence of continental origin, shown as a lacustrine deposit, due to the presence of diatoms as their predominant fossil feature. Elemental characterization of air particulate matter in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Storm-driven flood events in the Altiplano readily transmit groundwater to the eastern Pampa del Tamarugal Basin through near-surface groundwater flow on short time scales, e.


Previously used for hydroelectric power generation and as a source of potable water the cave was closed to the public for almost 50 years. Therefore, limited hydrologic data are available resulting in limited water-resources assessment. An approach to this problem is proposed. The strength of this study is not in the absolute value of environmental indicators, but rather in the conceptualization of indicator and the identification of changing patterns, gradients and trends in space and time.

Thus, the paleo-mouth of the Danube river contains a high quality archive for the study of the paleohydrology of the Danube River and by extension of the European climate changes during the last 30 kyr. Correlation with similar channel fills elsewhere in Arabia and Iran indicates aggradation as having occurred between 35, to y BP and suggests that this was principally by sustained flow during pluvial phases accompanying the last global glaciation, at least in this part of the Middle East.

It presents the specific applications of those tracers in following the motion of sediments in suspension and in the bottom. Interpretations were made from each data set comprising gamma ray logs, described sedimentological cores showing sedimentary features and ichnological characteristics; these were integrated to define the depositional settings.

Upper levels experience flow during flood events and lower levels have continuously flowing water. Facies associations relate to I overriding glaciers Water and sediment transport in the cave are being investigated using sediment cores, surface sediment samples and water level data.

In Augustscientists from the U. Spanish words that begin with a.