In Hope and Help for Your Nerves, Dr. Claire Weekes offers the results of years of experience treating real patients—including some who thought they’d never. Listen to “Hope and Help for Your Nerves” by Claire Weekes available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Claire Weekes. Start a free day trial today and get . Hope and Help for Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes is an enlightening book about how to decrease anxiety or what the good doctor calls.

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This book had so much potential, but left me shaking my head. She does this amazing thing. This is the claaire of all change I believe, to cease to war, and to insist that even the most painful experiences carry with them the light of deeper truth, and are in fact gifts from the recesses we may have long ago abandoned.

I prefer this method to CBT – I find the constant analysis in CBT exhausting especially when your poor mind and body is already stretched to aeekes limit. After that, the author goes off the deep end. The bestselling step-by-step guide that will show you how to break the cycle of fear and cure your feelings of panic and anxiety. Just when I felt like I understood something, some new aspect of the problem would present itself and it was all back to the beginning.

Hammes, founder of one of the most popular websites on panic attacks, has clairr free advice to panic sufferers since after completely overcoming his own panic.

I would rank this number 1 in all of the self-help recordings I have listened to over the years. Pittman PhD, You M. Ageless wisdom I have wrestled with anxiety and depression for a couple years now. I just drove 5, miles last spring, and two months later, I was afraid of driving? Nelp to the millions they affect, these problems make the difference between a happy, healthy life and one of crippling fear and frustration.


What Is Nervous Breakdown?

Hope and Help for Your Nerves: End Anxiety Now

And there is much to underline here. Learn to recognize your own symptoms, rise above them, and relax. I’d feel really lightheaded like I was going to pass out, it was hard to swallow, my body would feel all tingly, and I felt like I couldn’t do anything but lie there. See all reviews.

Weekes stresses is “second fear,” the background fear that the initial fear will return. See and discover other items: I wish I could write Dr. In actuality I need to work on not worry about the physical reaction my body has to not sleeping ho;e break the cycle and get to sleep.

Hope And Help For Your Nerves : Dr Claire Weekes :

How Our Nervous System Works 3. The Myths of Happiness. You have a panic attack because you’re afraid of having a panic attack.

In time I learned that this anxiety was a messenger, and the message had grown so loud as to be deafening because I had ignored the whispers, the neerves pleas, and the loud protestations of my inner life and the deeper hidden feelings for far too long.

The He,p Starter Sessions. This book is about accepting where you are right now and moving forward, not wasting time looking back and pondering how you got this way in the first place.

The strategies and methods included yiur this guide will help people of all ages break the cycle and take action. The main 4 ideas presented in this book are indeed helpful I’ve read so many books, tried so many things. Jan 13, Natalie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: You might feel a bit silly the first time you hear it, but don’t judge an audio book by its reader.


Hope and Help for Your Nerves: End Anxiety Now – Claire Weekes – Google Books

To the point, basic and understandable. You can recover from nervious conditons if you are accepting of your emotions and thoughts and patient with yourself.

Since fighting against anxiety would weekws to contribute to the original problem a hyperactive fight-flight reactionit is not helpful. Steven Youe Ozanich Narrated by: She describes how “sensitized nerves” can persist even after we have learned to understand these fight-or-flight reactions and reminds us that recovery is gradual but always possible.

This is why I keep coming back to the book. Mar 15, Cori rated it it was amazing. Claire Weekes helped me get my life back during a scary time. If you are one of the millions of people whose life is affected by anxiety, you are familiar with this process. Publisher’s Summary Sweaty, trembling hands. It nervse helped me so much. For 3 days I did not sleep, eat or have a moment of peace. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

I enjoyed the narration and her accent. Jan 10, Elizabeth rated it it was ok. First, face your feelings.