“Dad thinks if you have a kid, you should pay child support. Paying for them is the law, but spending time with them isn’t.”. Chasing the Skip by Janci Patterson is a young adult crime novel (available October 2, ). Ricki’s dad has never been there for her. He’s a. Recently I received a box of new books from a publisher. One of the books was Janci Patterson’s “Chasing the Skip” (Henry Holt, ). I found.

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She wants to be a journalist, which I think she will excel in. I did enjoy getting to know her dad and, though I agreed with Ricki that he should have been around more, I sympathized far more with him than I did her.

She hates where she is and she’s not exactly thinking about the consequences. But Ricki thinks she’s ever in control–the perfect manipulator.

It looks like I’m having a bit of bad luck jqnci it comes to books this week. He wasn’t really smooth or didn’t have the charm.

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Her dad doesn’t chase down the really bad guys, so Ricki’s not in any danger, and I didn’t feel much plot tension. Ricki is unsure if she’s going to show up again one day like she always does or if this time she is gone for good.

Like how the lesson for young girls was delivered. Life gave you what it gave you, and what I got was a Dad who didn’t care. Instead she’s constantly in denial. Plus, Dad was a big guy. Jamie always made fun of me for my lists. I pulled out my notebook again, opening to the page where I left off. Ian is an interesting character for sure.


Fresh Meat: Chasing the Skip by Janci Patterson – Criminal Element

I watched Ricki and it reminded me of well me. Product details Age Range: I deleted interior monologue. We see her go through a nice character development and come out better chasibg the other side.

Does her dad try to find her mom?

I couldn’t help but be impressed. Still, Ricki is attracted to him and helps him out a bit, until she realizes that he can’t really help her find her mother, and that she will have to stick with her dad even though he isn’t perfect.

My Favorite Bit: Janci Patterson talks about CHASING THE SKIP – Mary Robinette Kowal

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Audio Edition Penny adores her best friend Rodney. It was an all out desperate little girl, and a manipulative criminal. My best friend, Anna, was always thinking up ways to spy on people. When I was little, Mom told me that being a bounty hunter meant Dad was out fighting crime. I’d never been this close to a fugitive before, and I kept expecting her to break free and jump onto the freeway, even though she hadn’t resisted when Dad chained her in.

The turn of each page promises some new twist or turn. What I’d Give It: Ricki goes along with him on his travels to pick up parolees who haven’t made their court dates.

Maybe you’re an auditory learner like me. This book ended up being a lot more about Ricki’s relationship with her father and a lot less about her relationship with Ian, which is not exactly what I was wanting.

He even offers to drive her to find her mother in California. This book touched a deep part of me and I will always remember it. Ricki passed as naive and immature sometimes, doing stupid things and acting like a five-year-old. To view it, click here.


All Ricki has to do is wait it out.

When she was old enough to stay on her own her mom routinely checked out. Her dad is a bounty hunter who never seems to have enough time for her while her mom ran off and has since ignored her. It’s clearly difficult for both of them to be in this new situation He always had to psych himself up with an extra-big job to get over it.

So long, that Ricki’s absentee dad is brought into the picture, and Ricki finds herself tagging along with him as he hunts down dead beats.

Behind Every Gangster is a Good Moll. I know this is a stand alone, but I wouldn’t mind finding out what happens next with Ricki.

The road trip the two characters take is one of learning and growth.


When will I learn? On the road with only the skip and her dead-beat dad, will Ricki ever figure out who she can trust? Her dad is on the hunt for a particularly dangerous criminal across the United States while Ricki is stuck tagging along, all skkip while wishing she could just go back home to her mom and friends in Utah.

Half the time I felt b Ricki’s family is broken. It would’ve been cool for a little more action, and I think that is something that many readers might patterson expecting.