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But this is especially well illustrated by the French campaign against Dahomey in Retrieved from ” https: The hostile armies have been broken up into battalions, squadrons, and batteries, and in addition to this the weapons of the enemy have been fairly efficient.

Naval History and Heritage Command

In the Kaffir wars, especially inthis mode of procedure has been very common, adapted with success, and it is the usual plan of action in the small punitive expeditions in East and West Africa.

Wrs to be sent on A heavy mist hung over a plain near the city, and that was mistaken for the sea.

The second occasion was, later on, when Ayoub Khan advanced from Herat to charls neighbourhood of Kandahar with a large force well supplied with artillery; owing to a failure to appreciate the importance of this movement only a brigade very weak in British troops was sent to confront it, and this was disastrously smlal at Maiwand. Originally published inSmall Wars is an ambitious attempt to analyze and draw lessons from Western experience in fighting campaigns of imperial conquest.

He knows the tracks over the hills, the paths through the jungle, the passages over the rivers, the points where he can be sure of replenishing his few requirements. The enemy is generally fully alive to the importance of destroying the water supply, which can easily be done in the case of scattered wells; in the Mohmund campaign ofthe hill men broached their callqell, and this was one of the chief difficulties General Elles had to contend with.

Small Wars by Colonel C E Callwell : a Military Times Classic – Military History Monthly

As long as the army does not move forward with great rapidity and does not outstrip its supply train, or does not suddenly change its course as a result of defeat or of some unforeseen event, there is no reason why all should not work smoothly.


If the enemy cannot be touched in his patriotism or his honour, he can be touched through his pocket. On his return to England late in he was given a position in the Ministry of Munitions as an adviser on questions affecting the supplies of ammunition to the various armies. But that this difficulty is one which can be overcome has often been proved in actual campaigns, and notably in the remarkable set of operations which carried the Anglo-Egyptian troops by successive stages from Wadi Halfa to Omdurman in the yearsand which afford a signal illustration of what can be achieved by a thoroughly efficient intelligence department.

The crushing of an insurrectionary movement or the settlement of a conquered country, are undertakings so distinct from enterprises entered upon to overawe a semi-civilized state, that what may present itself as the obvious objective under the former set of circumstances may be non-existent chales the latter.

In the callwel, the Buners were conciliated and, the hostile gathering in the defile being dispersed, the column marched to Malka and carried out the programme decided upon at the outset.

The army performed its task of penetrating into Tirah, and of leaving its mark in the usual manner by the demolition of buildings and destruction of crops. This Nile Expedition has been frequently referred to throughout this chapter.

As the force did not reach Abu Hamed this notable item in the programme was not actually carried out; but it is practically certain that it would have been, had not the River Column been recalled. But in all cases there are in warfare of this nature certain points which will, apart from the cause of the campaign, influence the choice of the objective, and which depend mainly on the class of enemy to be dealt with.

It is impossible to get lost, easy to find anything you need, and the text is always clear and concise — Small Wars is a practical manual for learning and use.

Sometimes, however, the circumstances do not admit of it, and then sall villages must be demolished and their crops and granaries destroyed; still it is unfortunate when this is the case. Twice over during the last Afghan war the strength of the Afghans was altogether under-estimated, and on both occasions with somewhat unfortunate results.


Then, as the supplies carried in these clalwell are consumed, they are made good, partly from what can be obtained from the theatre of war, and partly by the empty transport moving back to fixed supply magazines for replenishment.

The Russians in their campaigns against Khokand and Bokhara had to deal with armies standing on a somewhat similar footing as regards organization and weapons.

It comprises the expeditions against savages and semi-civilised races by disciplined soldiers, it comprises campaigns undertaken to suppress rebellions and guerilla warfare in all parts of the world where organized armies are struggling against opponents who will not meet them in the open field, and it thus obviously covers operations very varying in their scope and in their conditions.

The fact that tills transport has to be fed itself and that it may have to carry its own food has been commented upon. Drawing the enemy on by exposing baggage c. But the event proved that the general estimate of their capabilities and courage was wrong, that the campaign had been undertaken with an altogether insufficient number of troops, and that the quelling of the revolt must have proved a difficult and costly undertaking had it been persisted in.

These, likewise due to resistance-to-transformation coming from various state and calllwell actors; all of whom want nothing to do with such radical political, economic and social changes as the U. Others also found it useful.

Small Wars Their Principles And Practice

The evening before the battle of Khartum information reached Sir H. Their purpose is to ensure a lasting peace. There is, moreover, another peculiarity which is very generally found in the antagonists with whom the organized forces in small wars have to cope. Advantages of this formation in bush fighting. This fact – wafs ease with which such warriors can often sma,l deceived, surprised, lured into ambushes, and so forth – will be referred to again in another chapter.

Royal Artillery Royal Garrison Artillery.