Casca is a series of paperback novels, and since January , ebooks as well, created and written by author Barry Sadler in The stories revolve around the life of Casca Rufio Longinus, the soldier in . Casca 4: Panzer Soldier ( ): Casca fights for the Germans at the Battle of Kursk, and later meets Hitler. Casca 5. A Panzer soldier for the brutal Third Reich, Casca becomes entrenched in Hitler’s Nazi war machine and is forced to pit his credit as a soldier against his moral. Buy a cheap copy of Casca: Panzer Soldier book by Barry Sadler. Free shipping over $

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Casca is also superbly skilled in edged weapons. Sporting the honorable Knight’s Cross and a silver tanker’s badge, Casca leads the 1st SS Panzer Regiment against the hammering forces of Ivan, the throttlehold of Russia’s military.

Casca Series 4 Author s: Halls of Montezuma Cascabook 25 Tony Roberts. Unlike the common soldoer where when a woman marries a soldief and loses her maiden name, in all cases of marriage the union results in the family name of Longini being retained, thus preserving their identity to one another.

These are things that only short time researching would allow to get right. Good descriptive, historical, war is hell narrative of an immortal warrior as he travels through the ages. Sloppy writting and sloppy panzed, if Sadler made those mistakes any editor worth their pay should spot them.

He enlisted into the 7th Legion at either Messilia [2] or Livorno. Sadler uses ‘decimate’ to mean ‘halved’ at one point.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If you’re not familiar with the series, it follows Casca, the legionnaire who killed Christ as he was dying on the cross. Brint Mackey rated it it was amazing Jan 31, I still like the premise of a soldier cursed to live until Christ returns, but Harry Turtledove and others do a much better job of writing this stuff.


Immortal Dragon” was removed from the list of books on casca. Panther tank had gasoline engine, not diesel as Sadler claimsdistances are given as either too short or too long. While this was the 4th published, it is the 16th chronologically according to this list: Panzer Soldier Survivalist Author s: Nov 29, Mark E. Languages Svenska Edit links. Sadler did a good job describing a lot of the horrors of the war, but the editing could have been better.

Overall one of worse book in series. Amidst a bleak landscape of battle, Casca’s chance encounter with a war-torn Jewish woman puts his sense of decency to the test and takes him to the one remaining bunker in Berlin-Hitler’s lair-where he confronts the living madman.

Panzer Soldier by Barry Sadler (casca Series Book 4) From Books

Only made it back into the forests of Germania. He can master most languages that he encounters, including their dialects, colloquialisms, and sub-tongues.

Other books in the series. He curses you to wander the earth till his return. It is run by an elder, who oversees the sect’s hierarchy, the Inner Circle.

I think this is always the mark of soldierr historical fiction — you almost believe you are reading an actual account. He later improved those skills as a Gladiator in the Circus Maximus. The Brotherhood was founded by Izram, a man who called himself the Thirteenth Disciple, in the wake of Jesus’s death at the hands of Casca’s spear thrust. Highly recommended book and series. Little is known about his early life, although vague clues are given in various books in the series.

The Outlawwas removed for the same panzr. American author, musician and former green beret. English is rich enough in words that there is no need to panxer a perfectly good one that actually defines itself. I didn’t think this one was as entertaining as the first but I did enjoy it. This book also shows that Sadler didn’t bother to do any research and relied on casual knowledge he got from reading books and articles.


Panzer Soldier Author s: Once, the Elder Dacort severed Casca’s hand for daring to touch the Spear at their monastery in Asia. Over the years many onlookers assume that Casca received the wound while in battle; Casca just chuckles and thinks, “If they only knew. Sadler’s writting style has always been a bit juvenile and this one is no better.

There is a scene where our heroes retreat through Baltics which Sadler claims is first enemy territory Soviets conquer, more on that later and see aftermath of Red Army rape.

The Panzer Soldier (Casca, book 4) by Barry Sadler

Ryan rated it really liked it Feb 03, Casca was first introduced in Casca 1: I still like the premise of a soldier cursed to live until Christ retu While I read this series years ago, I think that this was one of my favourites.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Casca Rufio Longinus is the legendary Roman soldier who slayed Christ with a spear. Overall, I liked it a lot.

Bill Sanborn rated it really liked it Mar 07, The Liberator and Casca Casca acquired the scar while trying to short-change a local prostitute in the Holy Land. In the clandestine chamber of Adolf Hitler, secrets are revealed and destiny shows its hand.

The Defiant were written by Paul Dengelegi. I enjoyed how the ending was tied into Hitler’s end. Forever wandering the earth fighting one war after another.