With the ever increasing demand to optimise building land, more and more builders are looking to trussed rafters to provide the solution for additional living. construction process, such as owner or project manager, builder, designer and other participants [3] Baláž, I. Eurokody a trvalá udržateľnosť v stavebníctve. builder eurokody pdf, wysiwyg web builder pdf extension, c++ builder pdf export , community builder pdf export, pdf builder free, pdf builder for mac.

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Uproszczony cennik, Pakiety zoptymalizowane cenowo. Potrzebujesz oprogramowania do pojedynczego projektu? Projektowanie geotechniczne z wykorzystaniem oprogramowania GEO5 Data: Zapraszamy do odwiedzenia naszego stoiska wystawienniczego podczas The conference will be held in Brno Czech Republic from 19 th to 20 th November Come and visit our booth.

Allbim bhilder, our partner in Romania, will attend the international conference ” Architecture, Technology and eurookody City ” at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca from 25th to 26th October Stop by their booth and get information about latest Edition of GEO5 geotechnical software.

Over 30 participants from 25 companies worldwide gathered in the Hotel Pyramida for two intense working days. The meeting featured selected talks from geotechnical engineers and developers from Fine company.

All in all, the meeting was a bui,der not only because it brought together all the partners, but also it was an opportunity to share experiences and shows the growing potential of GEO5 software. Take a look at more photos buidler our Facebook page. On April 5, the technical support specialist Bulatov Dinar will tell you how to use software for designing in difficult conditions with the example of the Gabion Wall module.

Representative of the company “Reconstruction” Dyatlova Kseniya will tell the report about the module “Stratigraphy” within the framework of this conference. Cooperation with University has been ongoing since We take part in university conferences, including in the Shahunyants’ Readings.

Introducing PAMIR

Petersburg during 15th and 16th February The webinar will be held on 20th December from Visit our booth no. Start Consult GmbHour partner in Austria, will be attending the Geomechanik Kolloquium in Salzburg from 12th to 13th October Fachtagung Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau in Berlin 28th September Fine company will be sponsoring the conference “XV. The course will last from August 14 until September 25, The webinar will be held on July 27,from ICC Colombia will be delivering a training course on deep and shallow foundation design in Quito July ICC Colombia will be delivering a training course on deep and shallow foundation design in Bucaramanga 9 – 11 June ICC Chile will be delivering a training course on deep and shallow foundation design in Santiago this May 26th, 27th and 28th.

The short marketing and technical course on GEO5 was conducted by Mr. Nanjing Kulun Software Technology Co. The purpose of this training is to present the new GEO5 enhancements, and apply the tutorials of the GEO5 software. Tiefbaufachtagung in Dresden from 8 th to 9 th February.

Fine and Oitec Ltda. The newest GEO5 software in Vietnamese language version will be presented. Stop by booth 33 and say hello! The winner of the competition in the category of “diploma thesis” is Ing. The winner of the competition in the category of “bachelor’s thesis” is Bc. We will introduce a new Edition of the GEO5 software on Geomechanik-Kolloquium in Freiberg 11 th November ICC Colombia will be delivering a training course on deep and shallow foundation design in Cali this October 29th and 30th.


The course shall be conducted on 19th and 20th October Visit their pages for more information about the event. Join itech to find out more about latest Edition of GEO5 software. Join Start Consult at their booth! The course will be held in Warsaw University of Technology and is prepared in cooperation with Engineering Institute.

Infrasysour dealer in Philippines, will be delivering presentation on the series of seminars ” Foundation Solutions for Tomorrow ” organized by Mer Lion Metals Pte Ltd. Mer Lion Metals is a producer of steel sheet piles and also provider of steel foundation solutions on projects in the Asian region. Our dealer, Geoportal d.

The course shall be conducted on 1st to 3rd March, in Indonesian language. The presentation provides with clear overview on the new Edition and its new features. The short course on the application of GEO5 geotechnical software will be conducted by Mr.

Najnowsze wiadomości

The course also covers the relevant theoretical background, and euroiody of required geotechnical parameters. The conference will be held November 18th to 22nd, in Alger.

This conference will bring eurokodg international experts, researchers, academics, professionals and geoengineering companies in a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss current and future practices in the areas of soil mechanics and rock mechanics. Gouw, our dealer in Indonesia, is going to conduct a short geotechnical course during June The course shall cover slope stability analysis, lateral earth pressures and excavation design using the GEO5 software.

The course will be conducted by refreshing the basic relevant geotechnical theory, followed by the in depth discussion of geotechnical engineering knowledge and how to implement the knowledge into practice. The conference will be held from April 27 to eurokdoy, in Hammamet, Tunisia.

Feel free to take a look around.

Feel free to visit them at the booth The presentation in English will last approximately one hour and will be held on February 16 at 10h The presentation was held in Iasi, Romania in front of teachers, students and geotechnical engineers.

During the presentation, answers were given regarding the way the sofware works and its usability. The exhibition was held in Santiago, Chile 26 – 28 November The exhibition was held in AnkaraTurkey October In a stand that mixed the educational and professional field, GEO5 presented its advantages and solutions for civil and geotechnical engineering. The workshop consisted of a balanced mixture of lectures and hands-on computer analyses in order to offer an introduction to the modelling of geotechnical problems that are rurokody in day-to-day engineering practice.

The computer exercises were performed with the latest version of GEO5 software. The exhibition will be held in Istanbul, Turkey August GEO5 Geotechnical software was succesfully demonstrated by our partner. The conference will be held in Baveno, Italy eurokidy of June. The conference will be held in Antalya, Turkey April Ganzhou Pangolin Buileer Co. During the International Congress “II Simposio internacional de cimentaciones profundas” in Mexico City, Fine introduced to the Mexican market his software GEO5 to solve geotechnical problems, in a stand where interest, exchange of experiences and projects generated a good environment where engineers, teachers, students, private and public companies show particularly interested in our solution.


We buioder to share with our users and customers this experience, and we are looking forward for our next meeting. We met many professionals and researchers from both academic institutes and engineering companies especially from Eurokofy.

In addition, we were glad to receive valuable and positive feedback from the attendees on using GEO5 in their engineering projects. We are pleased to announce that GEO5 is now on general release.

We now offer six standard packages, each package is comprised of several programs, at very attractive prices together with discounted annual maintenance and lease plans.

Learn more about our Spring update or try the Demo version. As our apologize Stratigraphy users will receive version for free. Other users can calculate the price of the Single Upgrade in bui,der Shop – ubilder log into your account. GEO5 is currently in 17 languages! It also features number of major improvements. Watch a short video about Stratigraphy program for assessment of results from site investigation.

Ndihme | Inxhinieri i Ndertimit

Spring update brings the new Software key option Node-lock and also a number of improvements and new features in our programs:. Fine Maintenance subscribers and GEO5 users can download and install the Spring update for free. Other users can calculate the price of a Single Upgrade in our Shop — all you need to do is log in to your account. GEO5 features many changes and improvements.

Fine Maintenance subscribers can also enjoy the new discount on purchase of new programs or additional licenses of already purchased programs. A committee of eight experts found GEO5 software suitable to perform geotechnical analyses with credible results based on theory and engineering experience. GEO5 ekrokody joins the few civil engineering programs chosen to receive this certificationwhich is also a testament to the quality of GEO5 solutions and its commitment to the Asian market.

We are pleased to announce the release of the update of Redi-Rock Wall Freewarewhich brings following improvements:. USA to euurokody gravity walls and take full advantage of the multiple solutions provided by Redi-Rock.

Furthermore, we present new training materialsas well as updated materials for GEO5 Take a look at more information about Spring Update or simply try our Demo Version for yourself. Other users can calculate the price of the Single Upgrade in our Shop — just log into your account.

Fine Maintenance subscribers can download and install the eurokocy Edition for free. Other customers can calculate the price of their Single Upgrade in our Shop — just sign into your account or contact us.