Brahmastra was a weapon used by the ancient Hindus in war. It is very powerful and it can not be countered. There are two more Astras of this. Shri Baglamukhi Brahmastra Mala Mantra(श्री बगलामुखी ब्रह्मास्त्र माला मंत्र). Uploaded by Gurudev Shri Raj Verma ji. For Mantra diksha. As described in a number of the Puranas, Brahmastra is considered to be This astra can be invoked by using sacred mantras into any object.

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Whether it is the Goddess manrra Mahishasura, Rama and Ravana, or Skanda and Taraka, there is not a single instance in brxhmastra the Asuras were simply forgiven and allowed to go their own way without punishment. The mantra weapons still exist and if one was actually pure enough and could actually chant the mantras in the proper way then he could fire these mantra weapons. It is any sound that we hear in nature or man-made sounds, musical, and non-musical. The atomic bomb is something completely novel to modern science.

Thank God for not disclosing the key to everyone, otherwise the world would have become a grave yard long back!! Learn how your comment data is processed. Thankfully, these potential weapons do not seem to have been perfected as yet, or such research is cloaked in the highest levels of brahmastrs. I throw one kind of weapon, and if you are expert, you can counteract it. It is similar to modern day hydrogen bomb or thermonuclear fusion bomb.


Started referring the scripture and finally started contemplating on the great Gayatri Mantra. Even you or I can gain greater rank mahtra theirs by penance or by devotion or by Jnana. Siddhi is nothing but that particular person himself becomes charged with that mighty energy.

Brahmastra – Wikipedia

As described in a number of Purana, it was considered as a very destructive weapon. The sages of ancient India used it to produce various results in the rituals they performed, and from the mantras they would recite. Modern Hindus must once again proudly honor himsa or a policy of harming the enemy, and the danda or a policy of strict punishment for those who use force to attack them.

So Lord Caitanya is so merciful that He is freely distributing love of God, even to the demons. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

One has to gain siddhi on a particular mantra before it works miracles for him. So please become expert in chanting this mantra.


Similarly the brahmastra is also very, very dangerous. It is sometimes known as the Brahma Astra astra referring to ‘missile weapon’. In this way, it helps create a peaceful attitude within the individual and a healthier disposition.

Experiments have already been performed that show the changes in those who regularly use this mantra. In this battle, mantras were employed by both sides as a way of achieving victory. Brahmananas are the intellectuals.


The chatur varna is not for devata. Again, Before dvija could start the explanation ” Stop, I think you have not read the references properly please go and read it again” Dvija: Such pity is one of the most debilitating and confusing of all emotions, and is the very sentiment that Krishna strove to uproot out of Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.

A conquering army could simply take over the land and buildings without a battle. Can you provide some hints from where to start??

So it is always advisable to brahmastrq from such activities without mantfa a deserving candidate for the said purpose. If not, feel free to question again, would help u for sure!

Brahmastra Invocation Mantra Other Astras. – Ramani’s blog

Then a question arises- why can’t everyone who knows Gayatri mantra release Brahmastra? Karna was cursed by Parashurama to the effect that he would forget the Invoking Mantra because he lied to Parashurama that he Karna was a Brahmin.

I should thank you, I have read the scripture but not the inner meaning earlier. There are many mantras for various purposes according to time and place and there were those who were expert in their delivery.