: Bolcom: Graceful Ghost Rag (Concert Variation for Violin) ( ): William Bolcom: Books. Print and download Graceful Ghost Rag sheet music composed by William Bolcom arranged for Piano. Instrumental Solo in Db Major. Graceful Ghost. Subtitle: Concert Variation Genre(s): Chamber, Duo, Strings, Violin Instrumentation: Violin, Piano Composer: Bolcom, William Composer Dates.

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Please Pass It On! AdminGlobal ModMod. I immediately fell in love with the piece and purchased the score soon thereafter. I found that the opening theme was fairly straightforward and easy to learn, but the middle sections were another matter.

Took me many years to finally buckle down and work out the notes, fingering, etc. In their original recordings of the rag in the early s both William Bolcom and Paul Jacobs played the piece in a swing style – even though the score is notated as traditional syncopated ragtime.

Upon rediscovering those recordings I decided to give myself permission to loosen things up a bit as well.

Ah, yes — William Bolcom’s best known piece, and deservedly so! I thought you provided a very rich, straightforward rendition, paying close attention to all the delicious modulations, particularly in the middle sections. I think it’s well worth mentioning that both both Bolcom and his colleague William Albright sensed the unique genius of the rag in the s, and between them wrote quite a number of “Classical rags”, all informed by the harmonic sophistication of “Modern Music” but retaining the charm and nostalgia of the early turn-of–the-century rags.

Subsequently, Bolcom continued to write a large number of complex and sophisticated rags for piano, but none matched the hgost of the “Graceful Ghost”.

I golcom think of a more eclectic American composer than Bolcom, in the very best sense of that term — he’s demonstrated over the years that he can write effectively across a huge spectrum of styles, from contemporary Popular to thorny Avant Garde Classic.

Thanks for sharing this! Originally Posted by Tim Adrianson. Originally Posted by BDB. Johnson, Fats Waller, etc. I also gghost Bolcom’s Graceful Ghost Rag. Originally Posted by pianoloverus. Whizbang amateur ragtime pianist https: Andy – Thank you. You, of all people, know how much time and effort went into this particular recording.

Bolcom is an grxceful contemporary American composer, and I approached learning and interpreting this piece with the same attention to detail and respect I’d pay to any work by a classical music composer.


Three Ghost Rags, for piano

Whizbang – Glad you enjoyed it!! One of my very favorite ragtime pieces.

I love this rag. Isn’t it dedicated to his father?

Three Ghost Rags, for piano | Details | AllMusic

I was very surprised how deceptively difficult it was and have’t found the time to master it yet. I’ve got a friend who plays a rollicking “Poltergeist” marvelously well. Originally Posted by mypianos4evr. Originally Posted by gooddog. I was very surprised how deceptively difficult it was and haven’t found the time to master it yet.

Actually I finally wanted to listen to your “Graceful Ghost Rag”, but now I saw with great frustration that the recording has been removed from Youtube Have there been any copyright complains?

I wouldn’t wonder about this, since I have to fight myself against such attacks again and again, even though I only publish recordings of pieces having been written at least hundred years ago Maybe I get another chance to listen?

That would be great! Originally Posted by Tony Thank you for the new link, this one worked perfectly And I enjoyed very much your cultivated performance which definitely had the right “groove” Best wishes Felix. Originally Posted by Carey. Felix and NobleHouse – Thank you for listening – glad you enjoyed it!! Help improve my ear and vocabulary! Happy New Year ! Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Please Support Our Advertisers.

Bolcom – Graceful Ghost Rag [ Re: Back in the early ‘s I heard a live performance of this cheese number by Marc Andre-Hamelin and his then-wife Jody Karin Applebaum, immortalized on a CD featuring other such nonsense songs. The recital was given under the aegis of Cunningham Piano Company and featured the then newly imported Estonia grand. The CD gives due credit: Regards, BruceD – – – – – Estonia I appreciate your comments Tim.

Bolcom is indeed a prolific and versatile composer. It’s interesting that you should mention William AlbrightBolcom’s colleague at the U of Michigan.

I had the privilege of hearing Albright play an organ recital at our church in Lincoln, Nebraska in the early s. The program included his ghhost “Black host” composed in for organ, percussion and tape which effectively incorporates ragtime. A powerful work and amazing performance. The exploration of this master’s oeuvre spurred several American composers to write rags of their own, including William Bolcom. His Ghost Rags ofwhich were named as a set by the pianist Paul Jacobs, have become the best-loved of his ragtime explorations, and Bolcom invests these essays in old-time music with style and wit.


Bolcom wrote the first of these rags, Graceful Ghost, in memory of his father, and it has become his single most famous work. The ghost who stalks these pages is indeed a graceful and welcome presence. An elegant melodic curve, gentle minor-mode harmonies, and an expert use of the flowing syncopations of ragtime rhythm make the piece feel wistful and noble at the same time.

Bolcom has also prepared a very effective transcription for violin and piano of this rag. Originally Posted by pianoloverus Great playing! Thanks for providing the link.

I’m assuming that The Serpent’s Kiss can also be played without an audience and at the end on the upper register of the keyboard if you can’t whistle.

The ghkst piano arrangement by Bolcom is also very effective.

Catalog « Chamber « Bolcom William « Graceful Ghost « Edward B. Marks Music Company Classical

Glad you enjoyed Graceful Ghost. And this is why I love Piano World so much! Another performance worthy of “The Encyclopedia of Piano Pieces. Tim and BDB, thank you, too!!! So much to learn, so little time! So yes – Graceful Ghost is probably the better known of the two. For those here who have never heard the “Lime Jello” song, here’s an entertaining rendition by Bolcom and his wife Originally Posted by mypianos4evr One of my very favorite ragtime pieces. Originally Posted by gooddog Nicely played Phil.

In a interview, Bolcom described the “Graceful Ghost Rag” as “elegiac. I’m always impressed when someone can play it well. I guess you’ll get to hear your friend play “The Poltergeist” again in a few weeks. Originally Posted by Tony Hi Carey! Felix – here’s the NEW link. The original video didn’t show up on other internet sites as it usually would, so I decided to delete and repost. I enjoyed that very much. Thanks for posting again! New Topics – Multiple Forums.

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