The Firebrand TF Mk IV is a Rank III British naval fighter with a battle rating of . The Blackburn Firebrand was developed from Air Ministry. The Blackburn B Firebrand was designed initially against Naval Specification N/40, which sought a single seat carrier-borne fighter for short-range. The Blackburn Firebrand demonstrates the difficulties encountered by many aircraft manufacturers when developing new aircraft during the.

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The two clear vac form canopies are of a suitable size so that much of the detail interior remains visible. Which also isn’t exactly designed blackbhrn be a dog fighter.

As a Striker, the Firebrand can be extremely effective as well. Three air intake grids are also supplied which have the intricate detail produced by brass etch metal. So let’s sum it up then Wikimedia Commons has media related to Blackburn Firebrand.

I’m trying to be constructive, while you come in only to complain about whiners and insult me along the way. The undercarriage was of a conventional “tail-dragger” arrangement featuring two main landing gears and a single tail wheel. American Wildcats known as the Martlet in British service and the fast but somewhat fragile Supermarine Seafire had filled the gap, while the Corsair would actually make its debut as a carrier based aircraft with the Royal Navy early in Thus, the Firebrand can be firebranc somewhat effectively as a fighter.

  AVT 3505 PDF

I wouldn’t compare the P to the Firebrand. Work on the Firebrand began in response to Air Ministry specification N. As such, Blackburn was forced to re-engine their design and settle on the Bristol Centaurus VII cylinder radial piston powerplant.


It’s designed to strike at specific locations for a specific job. This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Due to unlimited ammunition, the cannons are remarkably effective in AB. Well, guess what, it’s not performing as it should.

A first flight was achieved on December 21st, and further testing resulted in the deaths of two test pilots along with months of re-evaluation before the Firebrand was even successfully test-landed on a carrier deck.

As such, this particular Firebrand model was dropped from production contention.

The Firebrand is a different story. It definitely belongs in game. The first prototype flew on 21 Decemberbut construction of the new aircraft was very slow with the first flight not being made until November Most changes were related to the installation of the larger-diameter Centaurus engine, including air intakes for the carburetor and oil cooler in the wing-root extensions that formerly housed the engine’s radiators.

The TF Mk II was an early version of the Firebrand with a speed of only mph and was a very heavy aircraft when compared with its predecessor shipboard fighters.


Valom 1/72 Blackburn Firebrand II, by Carmel J. Attard

Your points however were completely valid, which is why my argument doesn’t lie with you. It was introduced in Update 1. I still feel the Firebrand will fulfill its purpose as Seafire’s fulfill theirs. As I mentioned above, it will still be difficult to shoot anyone down even when not carrying external ordnance, so unless it gets dropped down below rank 16 which shouldn’t happen given how late the TF IV was introduced it will get massacred in every single battle.

It’s not a high altitude escort like the P Hampden TB Mk I.

Blackburn Firebrand

The Firebrand was designed to take the mm torpedo apart from its standard 20mm guns. Posted September 10, Retrieved from ” http: So if that bothers you so much why are you here ranting on this well written thread about allied whiners? Get the idea that you’re maybe number to go around with that mindset?

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