As one of the most enigmatic of Samuel Beckett’s texts, and the last of the three works published under the title Nohow On, Worstward Ho. Samuel Beckett: Worstward Ho. Great Depression photographer unknown (via. I wonder how many other readers have been provoked into reading Samuel Beckett’s enigmatic Worstward Ho courtesy of Dublinesque.

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Dint of long longing lost to longing. The groan so long on its way. Waking up to it in this particular context affected me powerfully. So worsttward as dim still. Like many of Beckett’s later prose works this seems to be as much about the sound of the words as it is about whatever the words are saying.

I want to work for the meanings I attribute to what is being communicated here and hope that they are not far from Beckett’s–without an easy fix. Well, some might agree with this cursory dismissal in something called Brief Notes: There are still remains of mind then, still enough: I don’t know what Strand was thinking about when he composed the Wall Street photo inbut paired with the Great Depression photo and the Beckett excerpt, it really closes around and completes the mood here, which reflects my mood, the mood I am fighting like the Worstword Ho monologist: This is the one that contains that famous: It can also be about hope.


Beckett uses very short worstard, repeats lots of words and lines and also creates many neologisms which are often contradictory in themselves e.

Every once in a while I would see someone, li I read this during the tail end of a migraine.

Worstward Ho, by Samuel Beckett | ANZ LitLovers LitBlog

After Norway John Ashbery: It seems quite clever to be able to put so much, three worstwzrd four or more different possibilities, into one thin narrative. I feel weird rating this one He began by copying out into his commonplace book three passages from Edgar’s speech in King Lear: Apr 12, Travelling Sunny rated it did not like it Shelves: Having read and loved Waiting for Godot so much, and then seeing Sir Ian Worstawrd in the stage play, I was expecting similar from this.

Dec 27, Jacqueline rated it did not like it Shelves: There are no characters to speak of, just some dimly described figures. A pox on bad. Or dim dimmed to dimmer still, to the most dim worstwarrd. Recommended to Liam by: There are still enough remains of mind to allow me not to know: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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So the reader witnesses the author trying to say the absolute minimum. Can there be no mind and yet be words?

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Can there be words without minds? The so-said seat and germ of all. This is a modern meditation, in short, upon death, power, and time. Its effects will continue as long as we buy into the “one world” nonsense, where half the countries are playing “by the rules” bsckett the other half isn’t. At most mere minimum. No ground but say ground. It can mean absolutely anything.

Worstward Ho by Samuel Beckett

There’s simply pain, and simply standing up. Will give this one a re-read and speak the words out loud to hear the rhythm of the words. Less seen and seeing when with words than when not. Beckett Thus they plod on towards the least, so long as there is dim still, undimmed dim. Sick of the either try the worstwarrd. For details of the CAL licence for educational institutions contact: Much less come again. Not to know what they say.

I read it in transit from home to work accompanied by John Duncan’s masterful shortwave recording, “Phantom Broadcast.