ISTITUTO DI PSICOSINTESI. fondato da Roberto Assagioli Contact · Psychosynthesis in the World: network problems and prospectives (R. Assagioli – )). Permessi ulteriori: pagina Info © Istituto di Psicosintesi. Tutti i diritti riservati. Contents licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License. More permissions. [NOTE: The following description of the life and work of Dr. Roberto Assagioli was Assagioli by Piero Ferrucci et al Centro di Studi di Psicosintesi.

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His life had a wholeness psicosintdsi to few men or women; whole, in the sense that the bold innovator born nearly a century ago lived to see his ideas take form in hundreds of articles, books in many languages, students in numerous countries, a body of theory pregnant with new implications and consequences, and centers continuing to develop his work in the United States, Canada, England, Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece and Argentina.

After all, a building with only a basement is very limited. Every form of therapy has dramatic successes and just as dramatic failures.

Jung differentiates four functions: Rooms have been provisionally reserved for the group at Hotel Villa La Stella www. Not many people in the twenties, not in the thirties, not in the forties, not in the fifties, were ready. Many links were created between centers of psychosynthesis in different countries and continents and we feel that the time has come to taste the fruits from the first crop harvested after the germination of the seeds that were sown, and to reflect upon the paths of the goals along the evolution of Humanity.

Incontro a Casa Assagioli a Firenze

We deny that there are any isolated human problems. This was a far-seeing joy, one that grew on his love of contemplating from his garden the vast and starry reaches of the Italian sky — the endless worlds, the living cosmic miracle of what is and what is becoming. Perhaps the best way to state our differences is with a diagram of the psychic functions.

This led to him opening the first psychoanalytic practice in Italy, known as Instituto di Psicosintesi. But assagiopi was — and equally precious for those who knew him personally — an inner wholeness about this man that was itself a continuous, living triumph over death.

Connecting, questioning, envisioning, planning, sharing will be the keywords of our work. Members of the AAP run programs, workshops, and conferences to discuss Assagioli and Psychosynthesis, and publish a newsletter to discuss new topics related to the field.


It stimulated us in a congress that sewed many seeds for study and work together, even though they were scattered across immense geographical distances. We are all very familiar with the idea of the interconnectedness of everything, but how can we ground our higher ideals in actual life, individually and collectively?

Esercizio della Rosa – R. Assagioli (Psicosintesi)

At present time, the group consists of a large group of Psychosynthesis practitioners who mediate students. In the human condition there are frequent conflicts between desire and will. To be sure, these assagiolj be booked by 28 February. And we will place the will in a central position at the heart of self-consciousness or peicosintesi Ego.

While the foundations of our work are always the same, the group relationship has grown in quality and in intensity, year after year.

Interestingly enough, the word “olam” “world” in Hebrew comes from the root asszgioli that means “to hide”, and the World is somehow hidden to us. It was a climate of communication where words find their place later, while something like a current was developing between us.

Retrieved from ” https: Irreconcilable opposites do not exist.


We do not recommend or endorse any specific professionals, tests, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the Site.

It was as assavioli he sensed that nothing important would be taken away, as if, in the joy he achieved, there was some psivosintesi knowledge of immortality. That means Psychosynthesis is holistic, global and inclusive. Assagioli smiling, his eyes astonishingly vital within assagiooi face lined by great age, moving over us, going from one to the other. It feels as if the moment is right to acquire more awareness of being part of psucosintesi greater energetic movement initiated by Roberto Assagioli, to feel that as Psychosynthesis practitioners or friends we belong to only one individuality which expresses the intuition of Roberto Assagioli in many different ways, but the Oneness lies in its essence.

Please note that rooms are hard to find at this time in Florence. We hold that outside imagination or fantasy is a distinct function. Throughout his testimony, Assagioli offers a personal example of how to use difficult life events as an opportunity to develop one’s personal and spiritual psychosynthesis.

The online Archives include thousands of manuscripts and documents by Roberto Assagioli, preserved at the Istituto di Psicosintesi, located in Via San Domenico 16, Florence. The Trust offers workshops, courses, and a newsletter, to anyone who is interested in learning more about Psychosynthesis. We can miss such a man, but it is hard to mourn you, Roberto, you with your face in the stars. Who was there to hear such a large and balanced statement? Assagioli received his first degree in neurology and psychiatry at Istituto di Studii Superiori Pratici e di Perfezionamento, in Florence in We believe that it assagooli important psicosinteei discuss this point together and that the air and atmosphere in Taormina will remind us of our love for the culture of dialogue, so psicosinyesi to the Greeks and to Magna Grecia and that we will be sustained and nourished.


What does the World really mean to us in our concrete fields of action and expression? Psychosynthesis – a psychology of the spirit. Accommodation is not included in your registration fee.

This conception he called psychosynthesis.

Early bird by 31 January: Assagioli said, “Psychosynthesis presupposes psychoanalysis, or rather, includes it as a first and necessary stage. It was the joy of this knowing that must have made the years of his waiting easy. Archived from the original on The remarkable thing, however, is that while embracing the radical new currents of psychoanalysis, he simultaneously — in — laid the groundwork for a critique of that same psychoanalysis.

Archivio Assagioli

We kindly invite you to attend our yearly appointment in Casa Assagioli, a wonderful, four-day “full immersion” experience, giving you the chance to explore the world of the founder of Psychosynthesis in his own home, study the materials in the archive and in the library, and join a group of fellow co-workers gathered from all psucosintesi the world.

Link to Voice of Roberto Assagioli — a short excerpt. Having studied Theosophy and Eastern philosophy, [9] his written work developed different meditation techniques, including reflective, receptive and creative meditation.

We suggest you book your room assaioli in advance. Assagioli founded the psychological movement known as Psychosynthesiswhich is still being developed today by therapists and psychologists, who practice the psychological methods and techniques he developed.

Freedom in Jail also provides – for the first time – an intimate look at Assagioli’s own trials and profound insights as he uses his psychosynthesis concepts and techniques towards personal transformation and self-realization. Over the years the International Meeting has grown in depth and extension, thanks to the interest and collaboration of friends in the Psychosynthesis community.

Claude Servan-Schreiber wrote of the first visit she and her husband made to the aged Florentine Doctor: