Army Regulation –1. Inventory Management. Centralized. Inventory Management of the Army Supply System. Headquarters. Department of the Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies, responsibilities, and procedures for integrated inventory management of Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies and responsibilities for integrated inventory management of Army materiel.

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Account for the container serviceable rebulation unserviceable on the stock record account. IUID data will allow improvements to current asset visibility, distribution, item management, financial accounta.

Initial operational capabilities will be. Approval levels for all supply actions—Continued. For example, if the unit is a tube and the tube contains 5 ounces, the technical documentation will show that the tube contains 5 ounces.

Acquisition Strategies and Supply Chain Management. Overview and Policies, page Army Central for APS—5. It also shows assets on hand and on order available to meet these requirements.

When acting as the executive Service during joint Service provisioning, the SICC regulagion also include quantities needed to support participating Service requirements.

See AR —1 for reclamation maintenance functions at depots with maintenance missions or contractor reclamation sites. They also reduce the volume of procurement work directives and administrative processing times. Analysis matrix unit price and demand threshold values will vary by commodity and LCMC.

Requests for targets will include the following information:. Terminal items are those that are being replaced and have no additional DA users orsecurity-assistance program requirements.


This measures the responsiveness of the distribution system by transportation segment and includes LCMC backorder time. This section implements DOD Materiel Support Requests, page The 710–1 of containers used for FMS may be reimbursed. Field maintenance ergulation retention criteria for automated return items. Major Item Floats and Factors, page These transfers are non-reimbursable.

These items must be stocked, since nonavailability would affect the readiness condition of essential weapon systems or end items.

AR –1 – AKO US Army

Give complete instructions in the message, to include— a The message address of the appropriate major item manager. Updating the regulatjon inventory metrics and management oversight reports listed in chapter 5.

Depot maintenance repair parts support. Validate and prioritize materiel requirements. LOT procurements will include sufficient material to be provided as GFM for repair and for piecework applica. The IM initiates new procurement, organic repair, commercial repair or other sourcing actions to obtain the required serviceable DLR. Retain what is required.

An item is selected as an ARI based on its availability and critical need to Army users.

Follows up a telephone cancellation by message. Use priority reclamation on receipt of a requisition requiring immediate action not mission capable due to supply NMCSanticipated NMCS, or priority designator 01— Users will follow normal supply procedures to obtain end items and to ensure requests are identified and coordinated.

Table 4—1 lists the approval levels for all LCMC supply actions for example, procurement, repair, reschedule, excess reviews, CRS initiations and modifications.

AR 710-1 Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System

Measure and continue to optimize the following supply and distribution metrics:. Coordination with the PM is required. P—1 classification codes, page Details for Forecast Accuracy Computation, page Requisitions must be received at least an acquisition lead time in advance.


Address all correspondence for the recovery PM to Commander, U. If possible, reactivate or reinstate inactive and terminal items if a standard, replacement, or substitute item is not available. The supplementary address field on all due-ins from reclamation is as follows:.

Internal Control and Operational Metrics, page This factor is used by the economic retention model. The cutoff date of the reports will be shown on the cover of the following documents. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army DA policies and responsibilities for integrated inventory management of Army materiel.

AR Centralized Inventory Management Of The Army Supply System

Address correspondence for the alternate recovery PM to Commander, U. If two items can be used in all applications, then the items are interchangeable. Donation and loan of assets excess to Army requirements beyond the approved acquisition objective for AWCF items will be made on a non-reimbursable basis.

An accurate repair bill of materials, including depot overhaul factors, is essential to the success of this parts explosion-type process see AR —1.

First destination procurement deliveries locations and quantities for each will be clearly stated in purchase requests.