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With him was Ganymede, whose beauty had so captivated Zeus that he took him up to heaven to live with the immortals.

The two lads, who had much in common, were playing with golden knuckle-bones. Eros, the greedy boy, was standing there with a whole handful of them clutched to his breast and a happy flush mantling his cheeks. Near by sat Ganymede, hunched up, silent and disconsolate, with only two left.

He threw these for what they were worth in quick succession and was furious when Eros laughed. Of course he lost them both immediately — they joined the rest. So he went off in despair with empty hands and did not notice the goddess’s approach. Aphrodite came up to her boy, took his chin in her hand, and said: Thus, though the water swirled and seethed around them, these sea-nymphs kept Argo from the Rocks. The Argonauts were terrified at the sight.

But Jason planting his feet apart stood to receive them He held his shield in front of him, and the two bulls, bellowing loudly, charged and butted it with their strong horns And there, with the full moon shining on him from a clear sky, she saw him in all his radiant beauty and alluring grace.

Her heart was flooded by desire; she had a struggle to regain her scattered wits. But Hylas now leant over to one side to dip his ewer in; and as soon as the water was gurgling loudly round the ringing bronze she threw her left arm round his neck in her eagerness to kiss his gentle lips.


Apolonio de Rodas (Author of Las Argonáuticas)

Then with her right hand she drew his elbow down and plunged him in midstream. Tears ran unchecked in torrents down her cheeks and drenched her lap as she bemoaned her own sad destiny. She was determined now to take a poison from the box and swallow it; and in a moment she was fumbling with the fastening of the lid in her unhappy eagerness to reach the fatal drug.

But suddenly she was overcome by the hateful thought of death, and for a long time she stayed her hand in silent horror. Visions of life and all its fascinating cares rose up before her. She thought of the pleasures that the living can enjoy.

She thought of her happy playmates, as a young girl will. And now, setting its true value on all this, apooonio seemed to her a sweeter thing to see the sun celos it had ever been before. So, prompted by Hera, she changed her mind and put the box away. These people have their own ideas of what is right and proper. What we do as a rule openly in town or market-place arrgonautas do at home; and what we do in the privacy of our houses they do out of doors in the open street, and nobody thinks the worst of them.

Even the sexual act puts no one to blush apolonii this community. On the contrary, like swine in the fields, they lie down on the ground in promiscuous intercourse and are not at all disconcerted by the presence of others.

Then again, their king sits in the loftiest hut of all to dispense justice to argonautxs numerous subjects. But if the poor man happens to make a mistake in his findings, they lock him up and give him nothing to eat for the rest of the day. How did Medea’s passion help Jason to bring back the fleece to Iolcus? Away with modesty, farewell to my good name! Saved from all harm by me, let him go where he pleases, and let me die.

Apolonik the very day of his success I could hang myself from a rafter or take a deadly poison. Yet even so my death would never save me from their wicked tongues.


El Viaje De Los Argonautas

My fate would be the talk roras every city in the world; and here the Colchian women would bandy my name about and drag it in mud — the girl who fancied a foreigner enough to die for him, disgraced her parents and her home, went off her head for love.

What infamy would not be mine? Ah, how I grieve now for the folly of my passion! Better to die here in my room this very night, passing from life unnoticed, unreproached, than to carry through this horrible, this despicable scheme.

His lyre and argknautas celestial voice had ceased together. Yet even so there viwje no change in the company; the heads of all were still bent forward, their ears intent on the enchanting melody. Such was his charm — the music lingered in their hearts. I have been very fond of Jason ever since the time when I was putting human charity on trial and as he came home from the chase he met me at the mouth of the Anaurus.

The river was in spate, for all the mountains and their high spurs were under snow and cataracts were roaring down their sides.

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I was disguised as an old woman and he took pity on me, lifted me up, and carried me across the flood on his shoulders. For that, I will never cease to honour him. The deadly heat assailed [Jason] on all sides with the force of lightning. But he was protected by Medea’s magic.

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