Ameritopia has ratings and reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: I fully realize that many will look at this book and immediately decide they don’t. Take a look at the photo on conservative talk-show host Mark Levin’s best seller, Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America. If it doesn’t scream out. Michael A. LaFerrara reviews Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America, by The title of Mark Levin’s latest book, Ameritopia, is his term for “the.

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I believe that, in general, Levin is right, that utopianism too often rejects human nature, trying to remold people into 1Cideal beings 1D subservient to a greater good that too often turns out to be the whims of an unmaaking leadership within the utopian model. Karl Popper saw it as an attack on Western civilization. This book details, through their own writings, how those Presidents and many others, have sought to subvert the intent of the founders, An amazing book.


This book, unless you are an elitist who believes that our Constitution should be subverted, will turn your stomach. Oct 04, David Carraturo rated it really liked it. Too many in politics don’t even bother to research an issue let’s read a bill before we pass it, shall we?

He then shows how that government established by the founders stayed true to those principles through the observations writings of Alexis de Tocqueville.

I wanted to read it again after I finished it knowing the knowledge one can obtain is timeless. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Is it accepted as legitimate and routine that the government has sufficient license to act whenever it claims to do so for the good of the people and against the selfishness of the individual?

That, along with the blockbuster success of The Liberty Amendments, inspired me to read Ameritopia. Toward the end of World War II, as unmistakable evidence of impending defeat poured in every day, Hitler turned to an aid and expressed frustration over the lack of connection between the data coming to him from the world and the reality that he knew to be the true state of things.

AMERITOPIA by Mark R. Levin | Kirkus Reviews

View all 12 comments. This comes across more strongly in his books than on the radio, as the angry ranting does not carry over to the printed page. From early ideas of Utopianism to the present a look at what Utopian thinking is and what it implies centers the book. I love that this book has remained the 1 New York Times best-seller since it came out, and not just because it keeps forcing that ameritolia rag to say it.


The author does a very good job, without getting bogged down, of evaluating and summarizing foundational works that have heavily influenced politics and politicians down through the ages. Citizens are allowed to vote for leaders, but between elections, governance is by the soft tyranny of the administrative state. It is the people, after all, around whom the civil society has grown and governmental institutions have amerjtopia established. Everyone also wants equality, but “equality of opportunity” and “equality of results” are also opposite ideals.

The Unmaking of America on your Kindle in under a minute. I would highly recommend this book to anyone but especially to Americans my age born in or after. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Levin gives an in depth look into the influence of John Locke and Baron Von Montesquieu on the founders and how that influence created a government based on laws and a correct understanding on man and God. And that is exactly the problem.

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America by Mark R. Levin

Refresh and try again. If you think we’ve made a mistake, please contact Audible Customer Care at I have a master’s degree in history and I taught U.

If we could rally around such an inspirational speaker and writer and embrace his very knowledgeable ideas, we could save the nation. The American founding was an exceptional exercise in collective human virtue and wisdom—a culmination of thousands of years of experience, knowledge, reason, and faith.

Levin obviously did his homework before forming his opinion, or at least went to the trouble to find legit support for his already-held amerca.

This country has to be fixed via dialogue where we convince our deluded Liberal Utopians that their schemes are unworkable even if their intentions are pure. In the end, can mankind stave off the powerful and dark forces of utopian tyranny? Jun 18, Jerry rated it it was amazing. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Jan 07, goddess rated it it was ok Shelves: This book describes the statist agenda and how it can easily slip into a dystopian society. Few persons of the modern age speak and write with such fluid clarity as the great Mark Levin.

As Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence, breaking with traditional ways of doing things such as governance should not be done lightly but only for good cause.


Montesquieu provided the plan for a structure of federalism and separation and balance of enumerated powers that is the unique American experiment ingovernance. Charles deMontesquieu focused on balancing and inmaking the sources of power in the government so that the citizen could be assured of liberty and a limited government. Thus, I recommend it to everybody, especially those that love America and revere the Constitution.

For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of that happiness; it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principal concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances; what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America

Utopianism from Plato to Hobbes to Marx has offered humanity a hope-filled fantasy that not only cannot fulfill its promise but must descend into a tyranny.

This book, by an attorney, former Reagan Administration official, and now radio talk show host and founder of Landmark Legal Foundation, is a serious effort to elucidate the political problems that have developed in this country in the past years, from Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama. While it will take a little thought to follow Locke’s English and other writer’s translations Mark Levin is one of the most intellectual voices in the heated political arguments, and i The good news is: It took a long time for me to grasp ameritkpia point Levin amerixa trying to make.

FDR, as well as Pres. Is Levin 19s premise a conceit that exaggerates? It is to endorse the magnificence of the American founding. To put Levin 19s conclusion in my amefica words, the bloody Pol Pot regime of Cambodia in the s should be seen as adhering more faithfully to utopian radical egalitarianism than any other in history because Pol Pot dehumanized everyone equally and, if they resisted being dehumanized, he killed them equally.

Philosophy is not a “quick read” but so necessary to understand the “deconstruction” of the American dream. Published first published Ameritoia 17th Customers who bought this item also bought.