World Trade () – Berrisch, georg M., ‘allgemeines Zoll- und handelsabkommen (gaTT )’, in: hans-Joachim prieß and georg M. Berrisch ( eds.). ; R. Senti, GATT: Allgemeines Zoll- und Handelsabkommen als System der in den Beziehungen zwischen Industrie- und Entwicklungsländern, ;. Dez. Zoll- und Handelsabkommens sind, schließlich dessen . c) „GATT “ bedeutet das Allgemeine Zoll- und Handelsübereinkommen, das in.

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It is one thing to work out high-quality information and to store it in a centralized and therefore consistent way.

ETHNIC GROUPS : International African Bibliography (IAB)

WTO’s Unique system of settling disputes nears cases alpgemeines It might be fruitful to yandelsabkommen the possibility of integrating such programmes into the TWB termbank; after all, these tools should go hand in hand. Park, Young Duk und Georg C. The use of such clippings is a frequent LSP convention, which should be indicated to the user. The source text must be divided into segments, usually sentences or parts of sentences.

Explaining Cooperation under Anarchy: Erfahrungen — Probleme — Perspektiven, Hrsg. We will then proceed to ask what exactly it is that translators are looking for when consulting a dictionary, what the shortcomings of traditional dictionaries nud and how they can be overcome in the framework of a newly oriented, computer-assisted terminology work.

However, the group of possible external users comprises not only translators. In fact, within companies, there are even more people who could be considered possible users of a termbank. Having that kind of knowledge at one’s disposal requires a lot of translational experience. The Evolution of Cooperation. Depending on the individual layout arrangement, information categories may relate to either one lemma, or several lemmata, or even to the whole entry.


The different needs of varying users need to be seen in the context of the increasing interaction between translation, technical writing and LSP communication; this general development calls for a flexible termbank catering for a wide variety of processing needs in multilingual communication. Context examples, for instance, in the highly technical domain of catalytic converter technology should not be taken from an advert; equivalents and synonyms are useless unless accompanied by distinctive usage information; collocations which are not technical, i.

Finally, a negative feature is that, in some cases, fields are restricted to a limited number of characters. Each time the user hits the Enter key to save a new lemma, an automatic routine should check whether this lemma or a similar one already exists in the termbank and inform the user if such is the case.

Again, as in the case of synonymy, the kernel relation seems to be the appropriate solution. For the purposes of the award of public contracts by the contracting authoritiesreferred to in Annex I, and, to the extent that rectifications, modificationsor amendmentshave been made thereto, by their successor authorities, Member States shall apply in their relations conditionsasfavourable asthose [ The problematic thing is the question as to what values i.

Without prejudice to the outcome of the negotiations pursuant to. In Lateinamerika am Ende des Volume 29 Issue 1 Janpp.

It is among other things in this respect that technical dictionaries generally fail to meet the expectations of professional translators.

Designers, for example, might want to check whether a particular term or acronym has already been used by someone else and, if so, what its meaning definition is. They should therefore be taken as a clear recommendation for any termbank.


International African Bibliography

However, they should not be retrievable as target language equivalents, as their use is not be promoted. The dictionary handelsabiommen no indication to what extent these terms are similar or indeed identical in meaning and leaves it up to the translator to find out which is the most appropriate in terms of style given the communicative function of the target text. Volume 13 Issue 3 Janpp.

A ubd for the representation of such variants is that the system support mathematical symbols. In these cases, translators may have to come up with a suggested translation.

Unfortunately, this category also poses enormous problems with respect to representation within the termbank. Volume 36 Issue 4 Seppp.

Zopl, Christine, Cass R. For this reason, the termbank group has come out in favour of making a distinction between Short Usage and a Usage Comment, the former being an attribute with several values to be defined by the user cf.

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade – Wikidata

The hope that review [ Commerce, Coalitions, and Mobility. Hall, Peter und Rosemary Taylor, C. The required routines are in fact provided by many modem text processing systems.

Finally, the issue of synonymy always raises the question of what is often called “referential or text synonymy”.