By: Mohamed ElBaradei Media of The Age of Deception Certainly, the stage onto which Dr. ElBaradei stepped – featuring Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Kim. Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel prize-winning former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency and a major player in the revolution in. In “The Age of Deception,” Mohamed ElBaradei surveys the efforts to contain the nuclear ambitions of Iraq, North Korea, Iran and Libya.

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Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. ElBaradei is also sharply critical of the major powers, all dlbaradei which are duplicitous in their own ways.

Now, in a vivid and thoughtful account, ElBaradei takes us inside the international fray. In ElBaradei’s view, Washington thereby drove “a pariah nation into still greater isolation,” giving North Korea’s “generals and scientists the extra time and motivation to develop and detonate a nuclear weapon. Drawing upon his unique perspective on the diplomatic firing line, Nobel Peace Prize winner ElBaradei—director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency from to —shares his unique perspective on how to achieve global security.

For the first time, the Nobel Prize laureate and “man in the middle” of the planet’s most explosive confrontations speaks out—on his dealings with America, negotiations with Iran, reform and democracy in the Middle East, and the prospects for a future free of nuclear weapons. Be the first to discover new talent! Instead, of course, we have a world in which nine nations continue to maintain over 20, nuclear weapons about 95 percent of them possessed by the United States and Russiaother nations lay plans to join the nuclear club, and terrorist groups plot to obtain nuclear weapons from national arsenals.

Please provide an email address. Readers will sit at the dinner table with Iraqi officials in Baghdad, listening as they bleakly predict the coming war. ElBaradei emphasizes the very different treatment accorded North Korea, a country that secretly established a nuclear weapons development program, built nuclear weapons, and conducted nuclear test explosions.

Can international diplomacy cope with the nuclear dangers that now threaten global survival? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Probing and eloquent, The Age of Deception is an unparalleled account of society’s struggle to come to grips with the uncertainties of our age. Please note that this product is not available for purchase from Bloomsbury. In Pursuit of a Breakthrough. Unique in maintaining credibility in the Arab world and the West alike, ElBaradei has emerged as a singularly independent, uncompromised voice.


Drawing upon his unique perspective on the diplomatic firing line, Nobel Peace Elbardaei winner ElBaradei—director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency from to —shares his The Age of Deception is a story of human imperfection, of modern society struggling to come to grips with the multiple dimensions of human insecurity.

But no one could have predicted that ElBaradei would be ‘the man in the middle’ of so many nuclear conflicts over so sustained a period of time. Above all, he illustrates that the security of nations is tied to the security of individuals, dependent not only on disarmament but on a universal commitment to human dignity, democratic values, and the freedom from want.

For the past two decades, Mohamed ElBaradei has played a key role in the most high-stakes conflicts of our time. Inthe U. Signed inthe NPT represents dlbaradei bargain between the nuclear weapons nations and the non-nuclear weapons nations. Indeed, ElBaradei has some harsh words for what he calls the “double standard” of nuclear-armed nations.

For the past two decades, Called the Agreed Framework, this arrangement provided that North Korea would freeze the operations of its existing nuclear program in exchange for two light water nuclear reactors, plus crude oil to meet its temporary energy needs. We gain a feel for the difficulty of the IAEA inspectors’ struggle to maintain objectivity when trust has been broken, or when the press – or governments deceltion are playing fast and loose with the facts.


The Quest for Human Security. The story of Iraq’s experience with nuclear weapons is particularly revealing. The Age of Deception: This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Decision Making in a Nuclear Middle East. In this treacherous context, ElBaradei’s prescription for dealing with the nuclear menace is to have the international decepption “develop an alternate system of collective security, one perceived not as a zero-sum game for a given country or group of countries, but as a universal imperative rooted agr the notion of xge security and solidarity.


ElBaradei observes that, after this, “the Americans did not want to consider the Iranian arguments — despite having themselves been in the driver’s seat of the effort to isolate Iran for more than two decades. In The Age of Deception: Even so, as ElBaradei notes, during the presidency of George W.

Mohamed ElBaradei’s The Age of Deception | HuffPost

Unmasking a Hidden Program. ElBaradei believes that, through these actions, officials in Pyongyang were deceptin to set the stage for more aid, as well as security guarantees and eventual normalization of relations with the United States. Today, of course, the hottest nuclear issue concerns Iran.

A job which is all the more important now than ever. In The Age of DeceptionDr. What’s Going On at UAardvark? He describes how negotiations were continually sabotaged because of domestic pressures, and he examines the actions of Iranian leaders, who had oversold their if program to gain internal prestige while deceiving the IAEA for years.

But, in later years, Iran seemed to back away from this goal and decide to limit its program to the development of the nuclear fuel elbarasei.

He was also a leader in the recent pro-democracy uprising in Egypt. Common terms and phrases A.

His latest book is Confronting the Bomb: Under its provisions, the nuclear nations are required to divest themselves of their nuclear weapons and the non-nuclear nations are required to forgo developing them. The hope was that the North Korean regime would implode from within before full implementation of the agreement.

During his years at the IAEA, ElBaradei had the frustrating job of trying to negotiate peaceful resolutions of the tensions between the U.