Scan APR of each employee separately. 2. While scanning keep. Resolution: DPI. Color Mode: Black & White. 3. Do not save scanned APR in format like . Form 1, APPLICATION FORM FOR REVISION OF PENSION/FAMILY PENSION IN CASE OF Form 27, अचल संपत्ति का विवरण, 20/12/ 28, Form ACHAL SAMPATTI VIVARAN. Following table contains latest immovable property information for Indore Discom: Company/Region. Circle/RAO/Store. Class.

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Assistant Manager 2nd Time Scale. In case Trading Members require any clarifications on the subject matter of this notice, they may please contact the following: Format for Peon’s CR. Assistant Grade I 3rd Time Scale. Permission for Movable Property. Personnel Assistant As on 1. Format for Clerical Staff’s CR. Format for Stenographer’s CR.


Monday, April 30, Book of Financial Powers – volume – I.

The non-compliant ELCs, its directors, its promoters and the companies which are promoted by any of them shall not be eligible to access the securities market for the purposes of raising capital till the xchal of such ELCs provide an exit option to the public shareholders in compliance with SEBI circular dated October 10, Senior Personnel Assistant As on 1.

Weekline Investment and Trading Company Limited.

सम्पत्ती विवरण संसोधित फारम – New Sampati Bibaran Form

Chaukidaar As on 1. Further the consequences of non-compliant, includes the following: Technician Cadre As on 1. Driver As on 1. Format for Driver’s CR. Foem As on 1. The promoters and directors of non-compliant ELCs shall not be eligible to remain or become director of any listed company till the promoters of such non-complaint ELCs provide exit option to public shareholders. Computer Operator As on 1.


Siddhi Keluskar – Listing Dept. Format for Executive’s CR.

Deputy Director As on1. Junior Auditor As on 1.

Peon As on 1. Assistant Grade-II As on 1. Synfosys Business Solutions Ltd.

Paschim Kshetra Vitaran

Steno typist As on 1. Peon 2nd Time Scale.

Recommendations of Lok Lekha Samiti. Assistant Superintendent As on 1.

Government of Jharkhand

Assistant Manager As on 1. Gradation List Additional Director As on 1. Assistant Grade-I As on 1.