Architect ci from Abbott Diagnostics is an integrated system consolidating clinical chemistry assay and immunoassays on one platform; Throughput of up to . Name of instrument/First year sold/Where designed, ARCHITECT ci (), ci (), ci ()/U.S.. Country where manufactured/Where. analyzer Architect c, a new member of the Abbott Architect system family, with . or as a module of a workcell (Architect ci) integra-.

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Assays Total assays tested: Architect ci from Abbott Diagnostics is an integrated system consolidating clinical chemistry assay and immunoassays on one platform Throughput of up to 1, clinical chemistry and immunoassay tests per hour enhances workflow One operator interface for both chemistry and immunoassay testing reduces staff training and delivers one combined report One LIS interface reduces connectivity costs Large onboard reagent capacity of 25 immunoassays and 68 chemistries reduces operator intervention and minimizes sample splitting.

Inquire Here Reagent Capacity: Calculated dead volumes of the different pediatric tubes and the sample cup.

Handling and directly sampling from primary barcode labeled pediatric tubes on Vitros clinical chemistry analyzers integrated into a work cell. Inquire Here On-Board Refrigeration: This work was supported in part by Abbott Laboratories.


Inquire Here Point Of Care: Inquire Here Assay Methodology: In conclusion, this study shows that the Architect ci can handle and directly sample from different primary pediatric tubes placed in tube extenders and qbbott only abbottt small sample dead volume.

Skip to main content. To prevent anemia as a result of frequent blood draws in pediatric patients, analyzers should be able to handle small sample volumes collected in pediatric tubes. Liquid levels are generally higher in pediatric tubes placed in tube extenders than in adult tubes, and to test the ability of the chemistry and immunochemistry probes to sample from different liquid heights, repetitive individual tests were performed from tubes containing an excess of sample as well as from tubes with minimal sample volume.

Inquire Here Optical System: Inquire Here Sample Size Max: Jump to section Article To the Editor: Problems with liquid sensing and sampling were not seen in minimally filled pediatric tubes or in tubes with an excess of sample. Serving The Medical Community Since In our study, we assessed the ability of the Abbott Architect ci Abbott Laboratories to handle and directly sample from different types of primary, barcode-labeled pediatric lithium heparin gel tubes and determined the sample dead volumes of these tubes and the standard Abbott sample cup.


Architect ci – Abbott – Chemistry Analyzer

Handling and direct sampling from primary, barcode-labeled pediatric tubes is a architecy for laboratories processing substantial numbers of pediatric samples 1 2.

Acoustical noise output from the system: Five types of tubes were tested: Inquire Here Power Supply: HeunksRon H.

Architect Ci Price: Our innovative integration solution for clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing helps you: Call for Price. Specifications Private Labeled by: Inquire Here for a complete list! Inquire Here Reagent System: Inquire Here Auto Dilution: Instrument is for Indoor Use Only.

Inquire Here Optical Source: Diamond Diagnostics expressly disclaims any affiliation with products it does not manufacture, as well as sponsorship by other manufacturers. All tubes were placed in tube extenders to create uniformity in the outer dimensions of pediatric and adult tubes and were loaded on the analyzer in standard sample racks.

Inquire Here Sample Size Min: